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  1. Duck_feeder

    Working on an article on bumblefoot - feedback requested

    This is still a very rough draft of the article I'm writing. I'd love to get feedback from all of you on what you like, what is unclear, and what could use more explaining. I'm sure there's plenty of typos, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes too - feel free to point them out also. Sorry...
  2. Duck_feeder

    Duck training experiment - 4/11 update - fast learners

    I recently decided to try to train one of our ducks, Moxy, a blue runner. I'm documenting my processs and results in hopes that we can all learn from this experiment. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated! My goal is to teach Moxy: 1. Peck a specific color on command 2. Not...
  3. Duck_feeder

    Article on avoiding corn-only diets for ducks

    It's hatching season and that means lots of people are getting ducks for the first time and will have questions about what to feed their ducks. So I thought it'd be useful to repost an article I wrote last year on why corn-only diets should be avoided. Also...
  4. Duck_feeder

    Avian medicine info.

    I found this website that has full access to a book on avian medicine. It's focused mainly on parrots but it has a chapter for just waterfowl and another for chickens and related fowl. link to book: Waterfowl chapter...
  5. Duck_feeder

    My duck started laying early!

    My duck Moxy is only a bit over 4 months old and already started laying eggs. Just tiny little eggs (I haven't cracked one open to test if there are yolks yet) but since she started 4 days ago, she's laid one a day! She's not just randomly laying them either - she made a nest for herself! I...
  6. Duck_feeder

    Do your birds do tricks or talk?

    We're still trying to transition them from seeds to pellet and fresh foods so we haven't made any efforts into training other than learning the step up command. Once they are eating well I'll use seed as their treat for training tricks. No plans for talking other than socializing with them.
  7. Duck_feeder

    Safe materials for homemade budgie and cockatiel toys

    I'm looking to make my own toys and play gym for my budgies and cockatiel (and eventually conures, amazons, african greys, macaws, etc when I expand my flock). I'm trying to determine what materials are safe to use. I'll only be using stainless steel for metal parts (avoiding nickel and zinc...
  8. Duck_feeder

    Writing an article against corn-only diets for ducks.

    Since a lot of new people will probably get ducks this spring, I'm sure there will be a lot of confusion as to what they should feed their ducks. To help all the newcomers when they arrive, I wrote a short article on why the old practice of feeding ducks nothing but corn is not healthy for the...
  9. Duck_feeder

    Mating behavior in really young ducks?

    Anybody else have ducks that start displaying mating behaviour when they are still young? One of my ducks, Moxy, started head bobbing followed by lowering her head and flattening out her back. She was only 11 weeks old when she started and is in the middle of her juvenile molt. None of the...
  10. Duck_feeder

    Muscovies in US - REGULATION CHANGES OPEN FOR COMMENTS - 10/1 update

    10/1/10 update: (I copied Mac_'s post since all the detail was already laid out. Reposting here to make it easier for others to find.) Quote: Public Comments We request comments or suggestions on this proposed rule from any interested parties. You may submit your comments and materials...
  11. Duck_feeder

    "Sorry, ducky. You aren't in charge!"

    I just diapered Victor (for a trip to the pet store) and put him on the floor so I could diaper Ming Mei. I grab Ming Mei and start putting her diaper on when I noticed Victor running to the bathroom and hopping over obstacles (we're doing some redecorating so there's things in the hallway...
  12. Duck_feeder

    Describe your duck's personality in one word

    How would you describe your duck's personality using just one word? Here's my ducks: Moxy - plopper (she'll just plop down anywhere even if it looks like it's extremely uncomfortable) Norie - codependent (she freaks out whenever I leave the room or take Moxy away) Ming Mei - feisty...
  13. Duck_feeder

    Duckling photos and video!

    I made another silly story about my ducklings Moxy and Norie to go along with a bunch of their photos. You can read the story and see the pics here: I also have a video of them swimming in the bathtub (including underwater video):
  14. Duck_feeder

    4-legged duck?!

    Came across this on YouTube - a duck with four legs!
  15. Duck_feeder

    Duckling photography experiment

    I got inspiration for a duckling photography experiment the other day. Nettie and I bought a couple props we thought would be cute to have in the photos of Moxy and Norie. Now that the ducklings are much larger, I don't really have a use for them anymore (the props, not the duckies!). I...
  16. Duck_feeder

    If you woke up as a duck one morning...

    1. What breed, sex, and color would you be? 2. What would be your favorite food (based on your favorite food as a human but taking into account restrictions in duck diets)? 3. Where would you be in the pecking order if your spouse, significant other, parents, or siblings were ducks too? I'll go...
  17. Duck_feeder

    The Adventures of Norie and Moxy [PICTURES]

    We took some silly pictures of my runner ducklings a week or so ago and I made up a goofy story to go along with it. You can read the story here: Here are some of the pics:
  18. Duck_feeder

    Underwater ducklings! [VIDEO] (update: pic on page 2)

    Thanks to Nettie getting me an underwater digital camera for Christmas, I was able to get a video of ducklings swimming underwater. They got tired of swimming underwater while I was making sure the video was working so it's a bit short. I'll post another video when I bathe them tomorrow! You...
  19. Duck_feeder

    my ducklings! (lots of LARGE pics)

    I finally found the time to post some pics of my ducks... Early Wednesday morning this week, we got the phone call from the post office that the ducklings arrived and I immediately ran to my car to get it warmed up (it was bitter cold that day). Once the car got to the point were I was...
  20. Duck_feeder

    Victor learned a new trick!

    Somehow we managed to get Victor to learn a new trick! He shakes his butt on command! Watch the video here: Ming Mei will do it once in a while, but Victor does it nearly 100% of the time. I guess that makes up for Victor being lazy with his "wait" trick.
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