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    Comment by 'RedIII' in article 'Red - Crazy in the Head :P'

    Woops! Sorry, Dalooras! I didn't see that I had new comments. Yes, he's an EE, but the other day I picked up a chicken book at the hardware store and saw a picture of someone's rooster that looked strikingly similar to him, right down to the green feathers. So, I now think he is an Amer/EE...
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    Comment by 'RedIII' in article 'Red - Crazy in the Head :P'

    Thanks Lisa! Hey krisenda, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it. Baby chicks are so fun, aren't they? I love watching them grow. You should be able to put your chicks outside at about 5 weeks of age and have them be fine, at least in my experience. By that age, they have enough...
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    Red - Crazy in the Head :P

    I'm not actually crazy. Unless it concerns chickens and/or poultry. Then yes, you may consider me crazy. I've had chickens for a couple of years now - much to my neighbors' chagrin, but to my delight. I admit it, I'm a chicken nerd. And dang proud of it! I started out by adopting a few adult...
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