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  1. room onthebroom

    Lets talk Kitchen sinks... What do you like?

    I'll be in the market for a new kitchen sink soon & I want to hear everybody's input on what they have, what they like & why they like it. I'm considering getting a single, rectangular basin instead of the normal 2 sided square I usually have. Does anybody have one? What do you like/dislike...
  2. room onthebroom

    Cats & Christmas Tree's... How does THAT work???

    I have two adult, indoor cats that were adopted in February. We'll be picking up a Christmas tree in a few weeks & out of no where it just occurred to me that my cats are gonna think I've installed a jungle gym for them, complete with colorful lights & shiny dangly toys. I'm having visions of...
  3. room onthebroom

    Captain Jack for mites. Yay, or nay?

    We just noticed yesterday the beginning of a mite problem in the coop & on a couple of the chickens. I'm trying to jump on this quick before we have a massive infestation. I would like to buy Elector, but its expensive & I can only find it online, so I'm going with Captain Jack because I've...
  4. room onthebroom

    What do you do with your dead (chickens, ducks, quail, etc...)

    I'm curious what everybody does with their sick or crippled birds? There are no judgements here, so if you don't like what someone says, please keep it to yourself. I'm just wondering, if you have a bird that dies of illness, or sudden death, or an attack, or other unexpected loss, do you...
  5. room onthebroom

    Cavy's Story: The Great Guinea Pig Rescue

    This is the story of how we found room on the broom for our latest adoptee Cavy (rhymes with gravy.) He's a pure white Abyssinian Guinea Pig with only one eye, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself... The story starts this past Memorial Day weekend with me, DH & DD's 1,2 & 3 doing our...
  6. room onthebroom

    HELP!!! Crafting with Paper Clay

    Does anybody have any experience using paper clay as an alternative to paper mache? I find myself having to do a lot of paper mache projects for parties thrown on a zero budget. I'll be honest, I'm old, I'm busy & I'm losing the patience needed to do it the traditional way. I've watched a...
  7. room onthebroom

    What kind of chick has wings on its back?

    This 2 week old chick has wing bones that are high up on its back. Her wings that are spread out & fanned upward. When she's sleeping they stick straight up in the air. I've never seen this before. Anybody out there familiar with this?
  8. room onthebroom

    Suburbia or The Twilight Zone?

    I live in a suburban southern California neighborhood. We usually have a pretty small flock, but right now we are smaller than usual with only 3 hens & a duck. Our girls are all lap hens & they are my kids pets. The duck refuses to come to us unless we have food, but the chickens will come when...
  9. room onthebroom

    What are you supposed to be doing today, but arent

    I'm supposed to be putting together a little 1/48 plastic model of the J3 Piper Cub that my dad had back in the 50's. They don't even make the J3 model in hobby kits anymore (they're all Super Cubs for some dumb reason) but I was lucky enough to find an old unopened J3 kit on ebay that somebody...
  10. room onthebroom

    Outdoor carpet & chicken toes

    I'm considering putting outdoor carpet around my roosts to prevent bumblefoot. Has anybody ever had chicken toes caught in the carpet threads?
  11. room onthebroom

    Question Re: Ducks & PDZ

    PDZ keeps popping up in the chicken coop forums. Does anybody use it in their duck coops? Is it safe for ducks? If anybody does use it, where exactly do you put it & how happy are you with it? We've always used hay in the past, but it absorbs nothing, so I'd like a better option. Any advice???
  12. room onthebroom

    Dog pee

    I dream of a world where there are DNA based test strips that can show me which dog pee'd on my new shoes. I know its petty, but it would just make me feel a little better if I could give the guilty party the stink-eye while I was cleaning up the mess.
  13. room onthebroom


    My Swedish Blue laid her 1st egg today. What a TOTAL SURPRISE! My calculations say she's only 5mo so we didn't expect an egg for at least another month. We were staring at it & tapping it like a bunch of Neanderthals looking at fire. It was just SO unexpected that we couldn't process what we...
  14. room onthebroom

    Gamer food for Swedish Blue

    I have a Swedish Blue about 4 months old. We've been feeding her the same gamer food that we feed to our quail. The feed store where we adopted her at 1mo recommended it, but I wanted to check with the duck community to make sure this is true information. In addition to the gamer food, she free...
  15. room onthebroom

    A ridiculous question about rehoming

    I have a 7 week old Buff Orpington that we thought was a hen, but turned out to be a roo. We searched the internet for egg farms in our area & finally found one that would rehome him. I am very grateful that's he's found a good home, but I'm also concerned ... He's just a baby, how will he know...
  16. room onthebroom

    New from Southern California

    Hi. We've had chickens the past five years or so, but are just now joining BYC. Our flock has dwindled down to one very sweet Brahma hen and a Swedish Blue duck who are inseparable BFF's. 6wks ago we added 4 Buff Orpington newborns, one of which is undoubtedly turning out to be a roo. We also...
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