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  1. Kfults

    Bottle goats and weaning ( sorry so long)

    i purchased 2 baby Nigerian dwarf goats June 1, (51/2 wk old) the owner at sale said they were eating feed and hay.... she had weaned...yea NOPE! They only weighed 5&6 pounds and seemed thin. Never had vaccines or cocci prevention. Developed scours after bringing them home and vet said they had...
  2. Kfults

    Help! Kid goat issues!

    I recently bought two 6 week old kid goat female twins. The seller said they were eating grain and hay and occasionally a bottle. I think she was lying! I called her after they developed diarrhea and she revealed she had bought them a few weeks ago and so I don’t know why they were taken from...
  3. Kfults

    Broody won’t sit on eggs!

    I have hen ( cinnamon) she went Broody last month. I have experience hatching with a broody so I thought- sure! So I gave her eggs to hatch..... the next day all the eggs were pushed out from under her.... I tucked them back under. She kept pushing them out and was happily sitting on nothing...
  4. Kfults

    Day 21!!!

    Today is day 21! I have 3 new fluffy babies one more 75% out of the shell and a few pipped! Momma hen is doing great with her first hatch!
  5. Kfults

    Buff Minorca

    No one told my Buff Minorca girls they were not supposed to be broody- I have my third broody Buff Minorca since Christmas! I broke them a couple times but they just kept going broody and so I let three of them set eggs. They are good mommas! Tractor supply sold them as RIR- nope they had all...
  6. Kfults

    How to count chickens

    How to count your chickens 1. You do not count any eggs in the incubator because you don't count your chickens before they hatch. 2. You don’t count chickens that were given as a gift because they were a present and are more properly considered a gift rather than a chicken. 3. You do not count...
  7. Kfults

    When to intervene

    i have 7 week old chicks with a super attentive momma..... they are fully feathered and about half momma size. (Different breed) They are still sleeping all together in a nesting box. The temps are pretty mild and they don’t sleep under her anymore ( they are too big). I am wondering when she...
  8. Kfults

    When to intervene??

    i have 7 week old chicks with a super attentive momma..... they are fully feathered and about half momma size. (Different breed) They are still sleeping all together in a nesting box. The temps are pretty mild and they don’t sleep under her anymore ( they are too big). I am wondering when she...
  9. Kfults

    What breed am I and do you know sex yet?

    I got a batch of eggs thru a friend and hatched mystery eggs! 6 1/2 weeks old and I suspect at least two cockerels. Wanting to raise one or two cockerels. Picture first Baby- thinking pullet no idea breeed. Second baby thinking Cochran pullet. Picture baby three thinking cockerel Cochran...
  10. Kfults

    I have a new baby!

    christmas day my very first broody hatched 4 eggs! Immediately I had another broody- so out of six eggs one one was fertile on day 7.... so I removed the 5 and left the one and hoped that it would hatch so Momma wouldn’t have sat for nothing. Tonight was day 21, went to peak under momma to see...
  11. Kfults

    Tired momma!

    i snapped this picture today while out watching “the littles” in the yard with mom! Staying warm while still watching the ACTION! Poor momma looks so tired!
  12. Kfults

    DH bought me a candler!

    We successfully hatched 4 babies and had broody on 6 eggs. We attempted to candle on day 8 with a flashlight, but as newbies were unsure. We knew one looked further along. So tonight day 12 we looked again and having a candler made a lot of difference! The one egg we could see the baby moving...
  13. Kfults

    We shall call you Lucky!!

    First time I don’t go count babies in the nest at night.... This morning I only counted 3 babies on coop cam.... one was missing! I go out fearing to find a dead chick somewhere- if a predator hadn’t carried it off..... instead I found Lucky outside the chicken run and fenced yard! They can get...
  14. Kfults

    Letting go....

    I have had my first hatch! The brooder cage has been in the hen house with all the other chickens to see but not touch. Most of what I have read - let momma introduce them to flock sooner than later ( allow momma to decide when to bring them out of brooder) we have had a few supervised ( by me)...
  15. Kfults

    Broody is like the FLU!

    :th:thI have a 3rd Briody HEN!!!! I let one sit, 4 sweet babies one week old, I let another broody sit and she has 6 eggs tucked under her and now another one! OMG! I took her off the best and placed her on roost after dark and she jumped down and got back in an empty nest. Chicken math..... but...
  16. Kfults

    My first hatch!

    So in awe so Mother Nature and the whole process! Momma seems to be doing very well!
  17. Kfults

    My first Hatch!!!

    We are super exited with our first hatch! Momma seems to be doing very well with her new babies!
  18. Kfults

    Help with new broody and babies

    I have a broody with one chick newly hatched- 2 eggs zipping and one pipped- one nothing yet. Last night was day 21. Mom has been very passive and let me check eggs ect with no reaction except trying to leave broody cage. Today when I checked progress, as soon as I lifted lid of broody cage she...
  19. Kfults

    First Baby Hatching!

    Today is day 21! Technically this evening, so as I gathering evening eggs I checked on momma broody- and as I took a peek ( she is very tolerant of me ) I heard a cheep cheep! I quick peek and the first Baby has a nickel size hole and is hatching! 4 more eggs under momma.... can’t wait to check...
  20. Kfults

    Day 18!!!

    My Broody started with 8 eggs.... two got cracked when another chicken bullied her off the Nest- one disappeared ??? She had 6 on day 10 and only 5 on day 15. I had moved her to her own small coup inside of the main coup and left her little door open so she could take bathroom breaks.... well...
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