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    PNPA Poultry Show October 19 and 20 This is a double show with 1000 birds expected. The largest show in the Pacific Northwest There will be some excellent quality birds at this show with a sale area. Free parking and free admission Held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in...
  2. chickened

    White chalky poop

    Any ideas on the causes for white chalky poop accumulating on a hens feathers surrounding her vent? They still lay and act normal.
  3. chickened

    IRS= Healthcare??

    Is anyone in favor or opposed to the IRS enforcing compliance to the ACA? pro or con please be nice and share your opinions.
  4. chickened

    Another stand for the 2nd Another city takes a stand against the gun grab I have never seen this type of opposition to the federal government in my life It is unprecedented
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    A friend has a bird with bubbles in the corner of the eye and some facial swelling. I told her it may be mycoplasmosis (sp). That sparked a discussion about whether to cull (kill) the whole flock and start over or treat it and live with it. My understanding of it is that it is everywhere and...
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    Women in combat... Will women be eager to register for the draft like men if all is equal now. Any opinions welcome.
  7. chickened

    Real farm fresh eggs

    Who are they kidding?
  8. chickened

    Khaki or porcelain Orps

    Does anyone have any pictures of porcelain or khaki orpington chicks? I have some hatchings from my dun matings to compare to. I will post some pictures of them tomorrow.
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    Unread post feature is not working

    When I click on the unread post feature a pop up says go to unread post the feature does not do the task it stays on the last post posted.
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    Like Monsanto?

  11. chickened

    Putnam County Hero

    This guy has guts
  12. chickened

    Fired for being too attractive Agree or disagree and why.
  13. chickened

    Share your chicken related gifts

    Please share any chicken related gifts you received or gave. We won't think you are weird here. I didn't get any BTW
  14. chickened

    Bald eagle got our callduck

    I was sitting in my chair responding to RR on BYC and what I thought was an osprey getting a fish in the neighbors pond actually turned out to be a bald eagle getting my wife's callduck... the hen no less. Sorry no pictures. I have seen him around scavenging but this is the first christmas...
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    The Hobbit

    Ok time for something fun... anyone seen the Hobbit? was it good? it looks like a good movie.
  16. chickened

    Kids cannot be arrested for carjack Evidently a juvenile must be 12 to be arrested. They arrrested the father today under a city...
  17. chickened

    My barred rock is alive!!

    About 3 weeks ago my barred rock hen dissapeared... I thought for sure something got her... I had looked over the back pastures and everywhere for feathers and body parts... about a week ago I seen her eating by the barn... Yesterday I found her nest with about 15 eggs ready to hatch. I was...
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    Is not using antibiotics cruel?

    After reading a statement in an animal husbandry book I got to thinking about the use of antibiotics with animals animals in traditional animal practices and in organic practices and never really thought about the issue of whether it is cruel to not use antibiotics. Opinions wanted on this.
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    No more twinkies Will anyone miss this stuff?
  20. chickened

    Veterans Day

    Remember your Veterans today. Thank you Vets!!
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