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  1. TheChicknGarden

    A chicken rant

    Never would have known this or believe it if some one told me ... chickens are truly addictive...owning them that is.... I would have never guess that getting two chicks last June I would now have 6 and own 2 ducks... I would have never known that I would be reading anything a nd everything...
  2. TheChicknGarden

    Fertile eggs

    So was wondering about my girls who are currently laying fertile eggs... If they don't go broody and stop laying how long will they lay fertile eggs?? :/ any ideas?
  3. TheChicknGarden

    'Cause tomorrow's my Birthday

    & it just so happened my hubby gave me a early birthday gift today .... a handful of pastries!! BISCUIT MUFFIN STRUDEL a little more then 30 days old... eeK! i cant wait for them to get big enough to go out into the garden with my other girls but for now I'd like to enjoy them as...
  4. TheChicknGarden

    The Chickens I grow in my garden :)

    Henny ... she loves the camera... just loves it. Peaches... a little camera shy ... but i'm working on that My Puffkin Nugget Peaches & Nugget together hanging under the lime tree (its thier prime hang out spot) and that's my chicken garden...
  5. TheChicknGarden

    Newbiee from San Antonio Texas

    trying to get the hand of this site... slowly but surely I'm figuring it out ... just wanted to say Hi to all the fellow chicken and duck owners out there! especially those for my home town
  6. TheChicknGarden


    just wondering how many of us with backyard flocks in san antonio, texas.... i know i can't be the only chicken nut
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