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  1. ALRwild

    Sour Crop Killing Chicken… any advice?

    My Blue Copper Maran, Paula, has a really horrible case of sour crop and I don't think she is going to make it. I have been giving her nystatin (anti fungal), amoxicillian (antibacterial), and metoclopramide (stimulates muscles, trying to get crop to work). I also have her on a liquidy diet and...
  2. ALRwild

    Chicken Gone Broody

    My poor hen went broody today with three unfertilized eggs (I don't have a rooster). She was sitting on the all day so we thought she was egg bound, so we decided to take her inside to give her a bath. This was not the case. She began screeching really loudly and my mom saw that there were three...
  3. ALRwild

    Phoenix care

    I have been thinking about getting a phoenix or two for a long time now. Do any of you know the type of coop/run they would need. I wouldn't want to have a scrappy rooster, so if you have any tips on taking care of their tails/saddle feathers please tell me. Thanks!
  4. ALRwild

    Movable run?

    I need an easy to build movable run that will cost me under $200. If you have built one before and have pics, then that would be great. I want to keep it fairly simple, for I am not even on the brink of being an expert carpenter (not to mention one at all). Thank you!
  5. ALRwild

    Should I get more?

    Right now I have 5 chickens and a 4 by 8 coop. I feel like it is a waste of space, so do you think I should get more chickens? Some of my friends have had huge problems with new chickens getting along with old ones. I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk that with my flock, so for all of you out...
  6. ALRwild


    My chickens live a good part of their day inside their run, so we (being my family and I) decided to put up a fence so they can roam around. The only problem is that we have quite a few predators by our house. Right now we have really been having problems with hawks and other birds of prey. I...
  7. ALRwild

    Coop Heater For Winter?

    Where I live it tends to get pretty cold in the winter, so I wanted some of your suggestions on ways to keep my coop warm. Here are my questions... 1. Should I coverup the ventilation on the top/side of their coop to minimize cold air getting in? 2. Should I get a heater of some sort to put in...
  8. ALRwild

    Chicken going to live?

    My stupid dog attacked my amazing cochin Magnus. Although at this point I'm about ready to kill both of my dogs, I have to worry about Magnus first. She is limping REALLY badly and is right now hiding under a bush. She is also panting a lot (the poor girl is really stressed out). At this point I...
  9. ALRwild

    run cleaning with grass?!?!

    I am having trouble cleaning my coop. I know that you can put sand down and scoop out the poo, but I don't want to ruin my chickens grass (they haven't destroyed it yet). I need help!!
  10. ALRwild

    Should I get a roo?

    I was wondering if it would be okay to introduce a full grown rooster into my flock once my pullets begin to lay. I am not sure if they wouldn't accept the rooster or pretend like he was there all along. Have you ever tried this before? If you have, then please let me know if you believe it...
  11. ALRwild

    wild ducklings abandoned...HELP!

    I found three ducklings, parentless, in our small backyard pond (almost puddle). Their parents are gone, and I have no idea where their nest is. I am a chicken person, so I have no idea what to do with the little critters. I need help, for I don't want the little guys to die!
  12. ALRwild

    Parents have abandoned ducklings...HELP

    The strangest thing in the world happened to me. I have a TINY pond in my backyard, and today I found three baby ducklings in it. This would be okay, except we don't know where their parents are. These duckling are defiantly wild, so I have no idea what to do with them. Please help me and the...
  13. ALRwild

    Help My Chick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have six chicks, and two of my chicks have begun to peck at one of the others foot. The poor chicks foot has been pecked at so much that there is now a big bloody splotch on its foot! I know this can be a sign of boredom, but no matter what I do they still pick at her! Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ALRwild

    Black Copper Marans Chick?!?!?!

    This week I am getting six chicks mailed to me from mypetchicken, but a slight mishap occurred. One of my chicks was going to be a Mille Fleur, but today they called me and said that they ran out of Mille Fleur hens. Then they told me that instead of a Mille Fleur, they could give me a Black...
  15. ALRwild

    Chicken breeds!

    Hi peeps! I'm new hear, and in the process of getting chickens. I just had a few questions about which breeds are best in your opinion. I was thinking about getting a Delaware, Golden Campine, and a Russian Orloff. (I'm worried the Russian Orloff will be hard to find.) If you have any breed...
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