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    What breeds?

    1 game hens 2 orpington roosters 3 game cross(?) hens 4 cockerel
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    Pullet or cockerel? Place your bets!

    I'm going to say pullet. :)
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    What breed of chickens are these?

    x2 Beautiful flock, by the way! :)
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    Japanese Bantam Mixed Hen

    She's probably a mix of mixes. Very pretty! :)
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    Review by 'SunnyTheFrizzle' in article 'How To Clip Trim The Wings Of Your Chicken To Prevent Flight'

    I liked how it was short and easy to understand. :) I was wondering why only one wing should be clipped?
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    New pictures

    Where did you get them?
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    I have been using the permethrin spray for a while, but I think the mites have grown a resistance to the stuff. :hmm I can't always be where my chickens are to treat them, so the treatment hasn't been as thorough as I wanted it to be. Though I really thought I had got them this time, I guess not.
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    Honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two. @Justso that's exactly where the lice were. Anyway, thanks everyone for helping identify them! :)
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    I'll try to get a better picture, but they crawl away as soon as I see them!
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    I couldn't get pictures of the other ones, but most of them were orange and were crawling around in the chickens' feathers.
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    I know this is a chicken mite, but my mother swears it's a "grass beetle". So, which one is it?:
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