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    Chicken Very Lethargic, Poor Appetite

    Hello, I have a 18 month old Silkie pullet who just today and yesterday started acting sick. She stands hunched and puffed and doesn't move much. She weighs hardly anything. No clicking/rasping while breathing, no discharge on face/nostrils, no mites/lice. Other chickens are fine. She has a poor...
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    Rabbit Overdue Pregnancy

    Hello all, I have a 3 year old Dwarf Hotot doe that I purchased last year. She had had several healthy litters with them. Since I have owned her, she has had one false pregnancy and one failed pregnancy. She had 3 DOA kits total, all days apart she reabsorbed and mummified one kit that she later...
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    Help! My chickens are dropping dead with no warning!

    Hello, I have been struggling with some nasty disease in my flock of silkies. It started in fall of last year when I had one of my first chickens, a silkie pullet, get sick. she wasn't acting herself, not much of an appetite, hunched. Then, the next day or so, she was struggling to...
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    broody hen is not actually sitting on her eggs

    I have a broody silkie hen that raised babies back in February. She had been broody for about 5 days when I gave her some baby chicks, who she cared for wonderfully. Now shes at it again but I don't have any baby chicks on hand to give her, so I gave her fertile eggs. But every time I check on...
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    Are sheep or goats more picky?

    Hello, I am curious if Sheep or goats are more picky when it comes to soiled (like it touches the ground or gets poop in it) hay, slightly dirtied water, and other food, water, and mineral related things. Overall are sheep or goats easier to take care of? which ones are more fun? (in your opinion).
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    A Window Into Incubation! An Eggsperiment

    On Saturday I set 7 fertile silkie eggs in my Brinsea mini 2 advance. On Tuesday, I took one of these eggs (Already could see a spider growing) and performed an experiment. To start, I swabbed the top of shell (where the air cell is) with rubbing alcohol. I then covered that area with a piece of...
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    I don't think the girls know it's winter...

    Well, I am down to just two mature hens, a rooster, and their three babies, all of which are silkies. Olly: and Pippin: we were in the mountains to ski and a family member house sat for us. we were gone for 7 days, and we come back to this: Two eggs a day from probably the worst laying breed...
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    HELP! Silkie can't stand up!

    Help! my 9 month old hen, silvie, has seemed withdrawn and lethargic for a while now. I put her in a bin with shavings and my brinsea ecoglow on max height. she was eating and drinking vigorously when I have fed her. I thought she might be egg bound and I soaked her in an epsom salt bath and...
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    Broody not caring for chicks?

    Hello, My silkie just hatched 3 chicks out of 3 eggs last Sunday. She does not seem to notice that the eggs have hatched. she is glued to her nest still. I have picked her up off the nest and set her and her chicks next to some hard boiled egg cut into bits. She dove right in but did not make...
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    Do air cells indicate development?

    Hello, I am incubating 7 silkie eggs from my own flock. Today was day eight of incubation. I candle them and didn't see any veins but the yolk looked dark. The air cell was the correct size for day eight and has grown considerably since I first put them in. Does this mean that an embryo is...
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    Fertile egg?

    Hello, Two out of my three silkie hens have started laying. It's so exciting! I have been checking the yolks for fertile bullseyes out of curiosity. I don't have a rooster that I know of, but I have noticed unusually bullseye like marks. I have caught one of my girls laying, but I don't know who...
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    Is it irresponsible to breed rabbits?

    Hello all, I am in search of some advice. I would LOVE to start breeding holland lop bunnies. But I am torn if it would be a bad thing to do. Let me start out by saying that I would start VERY small (one to two does and a buck) and invest in quality stock. A friend of mine will be breeding her...
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    White crested black silkies?

    So, I was wondering if it would be possible to breed a white crested black silkie? I think they would be stunning. would you have to breed a silkie to a polish with that coloration? would that coloring be lost in the crossbreeding? I'm dipping my feet in genetics. Thanks!!
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    Breeding "silkied" birds?

    Okay, so I am officially lost in the ocean of genetics. I want to try breeding silkied cochins, but I don't know where to start. I read that the silkied gene can just show up, and that's how things like the silkied seramas were created. But if you don't have access to silkied birds to begin...
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    Keeping one goat

    I've always wanted goats. We wouldn't get any this year, but I have been thinking a lot about it. I just found out that our city only allows one goat on our size of property. I know that goats are herd animals, but would keeping one be at all feasible? I would raise it as a bottle baby and spend...
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    Incubating eggs with Brinsea Ecoglow?

    I have tried incubating eggs twice before in a tiny, cheap incubator from China. None hatched. We decided to buy chicks who are currently using a brinsea ecoglow20 brooder heater. I was wondering if it is possible to incubate eggs under this? It keeps the temp really stable- has anyone tried this?
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    What color are these silkies?

    I just bought 3 adorable silkies. The dad is a partridge and the mom(s) could either be blue or buff. What colors do you think they are?
  18. Chicks 'n ducks

    Quality of These Silkies?

    So, I found an add on craigslist- I want to buy these silkie chicks. I am planning on showing them so I asked for pictures of the parents. Are these show quality?
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    Johnsons Waterfowl?

    Here I go posting again- Has anyone bought any birds from here? I would really love to purchase some white call ducks from here and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Here's the link to their website: Thanks!
  20. Chicks 'n ducks

    Cackle Hatchery Silkies?

    Hello, I have been struggling to find a good source for some bantams after quite a few others didn't work out. Have any of you had good experiences with Cackle hatchery? I like that they show you videos of the parent stock. They looked pretty nice from the videos. How are their Japanese...
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