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    Pure Bred Large Fowl Orpingtons

    For pictures of my birds, visit my website. Most of them are on there . This list is for pre-order. I accept paypal or check. I am currently incubating and most have begun laying well!!! Lemon Cuckoo Orpington- $15 English Chocolate Orpington - $20 (these birds...
  2. Heron's Nest Farm

    Orpingtons in

    I am sequestering my girls after giving them the summer off for rest in the pasture. I will set eggs at the end of September in the following colors: Chocolate (HUGE birds English) BBS (English) Gold Laced (Mid sized English) Silver Laced (mid to large English) Lavender (LF Englinsh Lemon...
  3. Heron's Nest Farm

    What predator camera is the best?

    So please let me know what predator cams you all have and love. I need one of course that does not need to be hard wired to a computer. Infrared, motion censored, the works! Please leave as many specifics on your pros and cons and be sure to include the manufacturer and the model number...
  4. Heron's Nest Farm

    Calling all LARGE flock owners! Feed Question?

    I buy 1 ton of food a month. I am curious what other large flock owners are doing for storing 40 bags at a time and keeping the rodents out? PLEASE! Heeeeeeeeeelp!
  5. Heron's Nest Farm

    Which trait should I select for?

    I have 3 blue orpington roosters now 8 months old. 1. is gigantic. His lacing is OK. His comb has 6 spikes but one of them is a little misshaped. 2. is a little darker, lacing is the best and he is an average weight. His comb is perfect BUT he has a little white on his red under his ear...
  6. Heron's Nest Farm

    Chocolate Silvber Laced Orpington?

    Many moons ago in a distant thread a discussion was born on the illusive Chocolate Silver Laced Orpington! And I lost all the info So, can you give the page and thread name,anyone? Or can you repost how to create this beauty? I have a decade to work it so why not...although someone else...
  7. Heron's Nest Farm

    Beating the heat! What do you do to help your flock in these high temps?

    After several years of having a flock I find this year particularly heat challenging. So what are you doing to beat the heat? 1. I am juicing Swiss chard and adding it to the water supply. Chard is super high in potassium for proper cell balance 2 I added 1 fan on the end of the greenhouse...
  8. Heron's Nest Farm

    Tricks/Tips for setting shipped eggs!!!!

    I didn't find a thread on this. If there is, someone just tell me. I thought I would ask everyone about how they go about setting and hatching shipped eggs? How long do you wait? Do you use the turner? What to look for in them when you receive them? ETC
  9. Heron's Nest Farm

    What's the best Hygrometer/thermometer?

    Hey folks. I want to buy ANOTHER hygrometer/thermometer with probe for my incubator. Please chime in and let me know the brand and name of the most accurate one you have found?
  10. Heron's Nest Farm

    Hilarious Chicken Mimes!!!

    How about all those funny chicken mimes floating around. Let's put them up and laugh!
  11. Heron's Nest Farm

    Janoel Incubation Experience

    I am embarking on my first Janoel incubation. I purchased this from China for $125. It holds 48 eggs with and auto turner. It has 2 water channels for controlling humidity. It took me 2 weeks of experimenting to figure out how to control humidity. It has a control panel that shows the...
  12. Heron's Nest Farm

    HELP! Auto egg turner question

    I recently bought a Janoel with an auto egg turner. I set it up and watched the turner. It has the eggs tilted to the right and every 2 hours it slowly tilts them to the left and then back to the right. I thought they were supposed to sit to the right for 2 hours and then the left for 2...
  13. Heron's Nest Farm

    OREGON! Calling all Oregon peeps...

    Hello from Junction City, Oregon. Calling all Oregon Peeps to sound off so we can have a solid network. Please chime in!
  14. Heron's Nest Farm

    I think it's Mareks!?? Need flock advice, please

    I purchased some OE (olive eggers) from a local. These are the first non NPIP I ever tried. Never again. I brought them home and they just wouldn't feather on their rumps. I began dusting for mites. 5 weeks and they are almost feathered. 1 week ago I came to find one not able to really walk...
  15. Heron's Nest Farm

    Rooster found dead???

    So Tuesday As I headed out towards the coop to shut the pen door I heard a commotion in the hen house. I was about 100 feet from the house so I called my dog as he will run down a predator if there is one. My dog found nothing as I approached. Upon entering the hen house I found my prized...
  16. Heron's Nest Farm

    Books and Siites on Poultry Genetics???????

    I have looked at other threads with folks asking for book recommendations to no avail. PLEASE, list the books and sites that you use for understanding poutry breeding and genetics.
  17. Heron's Nest Farm

    Am I crazy for raising chicks this way?

    SO I did chick to hens years ago. Maybe I had beginners luck, but I had no problems and didn't really baby them. Here is my MO. Any suggestions or warnings? Locking them in the hen house. They are the only inhabitants. Putting heat lamp in one corner. No access to the outside. Small waterer...
  18. Heron's Nest Farm

    Rooster or not?

    SO I had chickens years ago. We are now able to do it again. I am debating on rooster or no. I really don't like the crowing at 2 am. What are your reasons for a rooster? Pros and cons? Thanks!!!!
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