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  1. Kfults

    Bottle goats and weaning ( sorry so long)

    They are pets, I have reduced their bottles to 2 a day and plan to further reduce it next week to 1 a day then cut them off! So far the loss of lunch bottle has not been bad. They forage and Love weeds and leaves from a large variety on the property. Clean water, hay available all the time and a...
  2. Kfults

    Bottle goats and weaning ( sorry so long)

    i purchased 2 baby Nigerian dwarf goats June 1, (51/2 wk old) the owner at sale said they were eating feed and hay.... she had weaned...yea NOPE! They only weighed 5&6 pounds and seemed thin. Never had vaccines or cocci prevention. Developed scours after bringing them home and vet said they had...
  3. Kfults

    Help! Kid goat issues!

    The vet checked and no anemia, also fecal float negative now for parasites. They had cocci, I just restarted milk after having them on electrolytes only during worst of diarrhea. I read not to let them suck on bottle till full or satisfied..... so today I cut back on milk and they did much...
  4. Kfults

    Help! Kid goat issues!

    I recently bought two 6 week old kid goat female twins. The seller said they were eating grain and hay and occasionally a bottle. I think she was lying! I called her after they developed diarrhea and she revealed she had bought them a few weeks ago and so I don’t know why they were taken from...
  5. Kfults

    Why is my chicken laying wrinkled eggs?!

    I agree, I get one of these occasionally, they have oyster shell and egg shells to eat and sometimes I get eggs with extra calcium deposits on them. Sometimes they just lay a weird egg
  6. Kfults

    Broody hen is dying!!

    I recently lost a broody at 2 weeks. She was getting up everyday and was acting normal until the evening she died. She did not have mites ( I checked ). She just became lethargic one afternoon and my supportive care with nutridrench did not help. I have had multiple broodies and hatched multiple...
  7. Kfults

    Broody won’t sit on eggs!

    I have hen ( cinnamon) she went Broody last month. I have experience hatching with a broody so I thought- sure! So I gave her eggs to hatch..... the next day all the eggs were pushed out from under her.... I tucked them back under. She kept pushing them out and was happily sitting on nothing...
  8. Kfults

    Emergency - Accidentally Stepped on Head

    So sorry for your accident, hoping your baby pulls through
  9. Kfults

    Multiple brooding silkies: is it a safe method?

    They may not all go broody together at the same time!
  10. Kfults

    Buff leghorn? Egg color?

    I ended up with the same exact chicken from tractor supply instead of RIR.... mine lay pure white small to med size eggs. Very flighty but sweet chickens. Mine have also been very broody!
  11. Kfults

    Day 21!!!

    Today is day 21! I have 3 new fluffy babies one more 75% out of the shell and a few pipped! Momma hen is doing great with her first hatch!
  12. Kfults

    Extra food suggestions?

    My chicks loved dried oatmeal old fashion oats. I would grind up and give it to them as a treat ( read on BYC ) it was good for pasty butt. That was last year when they were babies!
  13. Kfults

    Missing hen -I'm worried sick

    She probably wanted to know what all the fuss was about.... she knew where she was! Crazy chickens- gotta love em
  14. Kfults

    Buff Minorca

    No one told my Buff Minorca girls they were not supposed to be broody- I have my third broody Buff Minorca since Christmas! I broke them a couple times but they just kept going broody and so I let three of them set eggs. They are good mommas! Tractor supply sold them as RIR- nope they had all...
  15. Kfults

    When to intervene??

  16. Kfults

    When to intervene??

    Yes, some of my older girls lay at dawn!
  17. Kfults

    When to intervene??

    First night success, I used cardboard boxes to block nests, 7 week old babies tried to roost at lowest roost latter, but ended up in a pile on floor with momma. I couldn’t see on camera what momma with 3 week old did. So later last night I went out with dim light and removed 2 of 4 boxes ( not...
  18. Kfults

    How to count chickens

    How to count your chickens 1. You do not count any eggs in the incubator because you don't count your chickens before they hatch. 2. You don’t count chickens that were given as a gift because they were a present and are more properly considered a gift rather than a chicken. 3. You do not count...
  19. Kfults

    When to intervene??

    Thanks for the tips! Live and learn. I am going to rig a block before dark and hope my other hens don’t lay everywhere first thing in am. Looks like a couple early morning unblocking nests for me! I have a Brock that I see on camera laying at crack of dawn. I had nests for broody and babies but...
  20. Kfults

    When to intervene

    Problem, I have is that some of my girls lay eggs at the crack of dawn, hoping they will wait until I can come out and unblock the nests. Tomorrow I will be blocking the nests and forcing all to roost somewhere. They were in their broody cages and nesting and moved to the laying boxes. I thought...
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