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  1. Kruer Pallet Scrap Coop

    Kruer Pallet Scrap Coop

    Hubby has lots of access to scrap wood and various sized pallets from his workplace. So I thought I'd try my hand using them to build a small coop. I found that while you don't need a lot of skill to build a (small) pallet coop, you do need time, patience, and a bit of muscle (because those...
  2. teach1rusl

    Kruer Compound Chickens

    The Big Girls June Bug (lead hen): She's a 2+ year old (hatchery stock) black australorp. She's a great lead hen and a wonderful chicken in general. She's not a lap chicken, but is very mellow. She's quite vocal and knows her name (she'll come running from the other side of the property...
  3. Kruer Bantam Coop

    Kruer Bantam Coop

    Kruer Bantam Coop The Kruer Bantam Coop began as a simple project coop. I had the summer off and free time on my hands. My husband brought home a bunch of scrap 2 x 4s from work. So I decided to try my hand at coop building, just a small one that I could sell on CL at the end of summer. My...
  4. Kruer Duplex Coop

    Kruer Duplex Coop

    Kruer Duplex Coop My husband, son, and I live in southern Indiana with our two dogs, Diesel and Ripley and three cats (Socks, Oscar, and Angel). We enjoy having a small, mixed flock for pets and eggs. Our coop started as single coop with a "chicken porch." Later, when we added girls, we...
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