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  1. BarnyardChaos

    Necropsy pics - help diagnose & learn?

    A few days ago I culled 11 older hens from our flock, and found some freaky things inside these birds: 1. Hen whose cavity was filled with a sticky yellow fluid (like broken egg yolk?), and another filled with water. 2. A tumor, I think - the size of a walnut. 3. Internal egg-laying, in various...
  2. BarnyardChaos

    What to do with non-laying hens?

    We have about 35 hens and 2 roosters, who are giving us only 3-5 eggs a day these days. Molt is over, and they're healthy. Some are 4 years old (RIR and BPR), a few 3 years (americaunas), but most are about 2 years (australorps). It's possible we have some egg-eaters, but I've never caught one...
  3. BarnyardChaos

    Help! 8 week old pigs castrated today

    We received five 8-week-old piglets today, and had all five castrated at the vet. One of them is still seeping blood 8 hours later. Not gushing or running, just seeping - but enough to wet his legs and attract flies, found a little on the grass where he was laying. The vet isn't answering his...
  4. BarnyardChaos

    1st Cornish X showing signs of.... what?

    What's wrong with this bird? I'm raising 26 Jumbo Cornish Cross chicks for the first time, they are 7-weeks old. Butcher date is middle of next week. They already average about 8-9 pounds each. Always voracious at the feeders when it's feeding time - except for one, this afternoon. He refused...
  5. BarnyardChaos

    New here, 2nd year keeping chickens, new brooders, chaos reigns!

    Hello all.... here's a glimpse into our chicken world here in the great state of Missouri! I came here to get help with my Cornish X babies, but of course I should also offer an introduction. Looking forward to learning LOTS from you smart folks! (See my post on the Cornish X here...
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