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  1. kiwijean83

    ISO Metal poultry nesting boxes (Arlington, Wa)

    Good afternoon. I am looking to find a couple metal poultry nesting boxes (used is completely fine as long as they are in descent condition) to add to our coop. I would prefer to refurbish some used ones or purchase from a local maker (Arlington, Wa.) 4-10 hole boxes are preferred but I can be...
  2. kiwijean83

    Keeping Large and Bantam Ducks together?

    Want to get some opinions about keeping large breed ducks Welsh Harlequins, Saxonies and Magpies) with bantam ducks (looking at getting trio of Silkies...) Will the larger ducks harm the smaller ducks? Is there a danger to the smaller hens from my large breed drakes? Thanks for any imput!
  3. kiwijean83

    Holderread Rare Duckling Assortment

    These will be our first ducks ever, and I am seriously considering ordering 10 Rare Duckling Assortment from Holderread Hatchery since I cannot make up my mind on what I want (so let fate decide!). We only want to keep 3-5 ducks for eggs/slug demolition, so I figure I can sell/rehome those that...
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