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  1. ILoveSilkieChickens

    What gender is my 3 and a half month to 5 month old Brahma, Cindy Lou/Cody?

    I really want to know because she/he is my most favorite chicken that I have ever had and I have a very strong bond with her/him. And how old is she/he. My aid heard her/him this morning in the coop and the young bird was beginning to crow. If it’s a he then I have to get rid of him and his name...
  2. ILoveSilkieChickens

    Did You Know???

    I’ve had my chickens since March 26, 2019 and I’ve recently went in their run and sat down and observed their behavior. What I found out shocked me quite a bit. For a long time, this is something that I didn’t even know about domesticated chickens. How they behave is very feline like. Like I’m...
  3. ILoveSilkieChickens


    Hi guys, I recently lost a one week old white silkie chick and I’m looking to replace her/him. The problem is, I cannot seem to find anyone willing to give me a 1 day to 4 week old white female silkie purebred. Does anyone know where I can get a live 1 day to 4 week old white silkie chick...
  4. ILoveSilkieChickens

    Hi from Missouri

    Hi, I’m from Missouri and I’m newbie here. I’ve loved domesticated chickens since the year 2000 but I could never get to have pet chickens until this year. I’m an animal lover and birds are among my top favorite animals ever. I have three chicken chicks. One is a Light Brahma, the other is a...
  5. ILoveSilkieChickens

    What Gender is My White Silkie Chick?

    I just hatched a silkie chick and she/he was literally born on April 7th 2019. So she/he is a week old. She’s/he’s a white silkie chick because the color is yellow. I have a picture of her. I named her Fidget because when she was born she was really restless. Fidget means to be restless. Fidget...
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