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  1. sdsmowen

    Turkey poult with bad leg, is there anything I can do??

    I have 6 turkey poults (3 1/2 weeks old) from Murray McMurray. this afternoon we noticed that one of them is holding its leg up and out to the side. Its joint on that leg is twice the size of the other leg. It can grasp with the toes but dosent want to keep weight on it. We are brand new to...
  2. sdsmowen

    New goslings what have we got?

    I'd like to know what breed they are so i can research the breed.. I adore these little guys! they came as part of a Murray Mcmurray collection
  3. sdsmowen

    What type of bantam?

    from the TSC - assorted Bantam bin (Mt Healthy Hatchery) Anyone have a guess on this one? I'm pretty sure about the others but this one has me stumped.
  4. sdsmowen

    Murray McMurray collections

    Last year we ordered the Rainbow layer (chicken) collection and were very pleased. This year we are ordering the Barnyard collection with 2 Geese, 7 ducks and 7 Turkeys. Has anyone gotten this type of collection before? what breeds did you get? Any pictures I am so excited LOL.
  5. sdsmowen

    Broody hen??

    Ok so we have a mixed flock of free range birds (spoiled rotten lol) and our Buff Silkie has gone Broody. She is on day 13 so at this point we think she's in for the long haul. there are 5 eggs some are hers and at least 1 is not. we have her seperated into her own space in the coop. Is there...
  6. sdsmowen

    What did we just get?

    Breed? sex? these were dumped here
  7. sdsmowen

    What breed am I

    She is the very large white bird.. same age as the 2 in the picture with her. She came as part of the Murray McMurray rainbow layers collection.
  8. sdsmowen

    Uh oh i found our missing Hen ... she's gone broody in the wood pile!

    Ok so i need some advise a little over a week ago one of our Red hens went missing the same night we found a possum in the coop (we thought the possum had gotten her before we got it). Its been about 10 days now and i was checking the fence line this morning. Suprise suprise who should i come...
  9. sdsmowen

    Winter warmth? Coop is in barn with no electric service

    Hello I am looking for ideas on keeping the chickens comfortable and the water un frozen this winter. We are in west central Indiana so it can get quite cold. Our coop is in a barn that has no electric service. I know that they wont freeze and the coop is draft protected i am just looking for...
  10. sdsmowen

    Mixed age pekin flock what to feed??

    We have 3 almost 6 month old pekins (2 gals 1 guy) the girls have just started laying. we also have 3 younger ducks (8wks old) 2 pekins and a black blue swedish. We are beging introductions and need to know what to feed the group once they are all together. Currently the older ducks get...
  11. sdsmowen

    Newbie question

    I just found a nest tonight outside of the coop one of our little red hens was sitting on it...the hens all come back into the coop at night so the eggs wont hatch right?? We are very new to chickens but i was pretty sure the eggs needed to stay warm. I am also guessing that the hen is not fully...
  12. sdsmowen

    GLW Roosters hatched mid march (Greencastle, IN)

    2 GLW Roosters hatched mid march, local pick up only, Greencastle, IN 317-429-7605
  13. sdsmowen

    When can we add the new ducks?

    We have (3) 4 1/2 month old Pekins and (2) 3 week olds what is the best option for introducing the new ducks (after they feather of course) will the older ducks be receptive to the new ones?
  14. sdsmowen

    B&W chickens what are we??

    Ive been told the last one is possibly a Silver Spangled Hamburg but what about the other one? They have different combs different colored feet...
  15. sdsmowen

    What are these? 8 wks old

    Part of the rainbow layers assortment from Murray McMurray
  16. sdsmowen

    EE Roo or Pullet ?

    Here is Puff our EE he/she is 8 wks old now and i still can't tell if it's a Roo or Pullet
  17. sdsmowen

    Pekins what type of shelter?

    Hi we are new to ducks and have been keeping our Pekins (3) in the barn at night we set up a stall with the food water and bedding but they do not like to stay in there. Do you have any suggestions for what type of shelter ducks like? they are free range during the day in the farm yard.
  18. sdsmowen

    Mystery chick from rainbow layer collection??

    This is "Puff" our mystery chick- is it an EE, amerucana or ancona? or something else? The legsand feet are a greenish/slate color
  19. sdsmowen

    Identity help please

    I am at a loss in figuring out the yellow chick on the right side of the page. it has different colored legs and an almost bluish cast to it's coloring (looks almost dirty compared to the other yellow ones not pictured which i believe are leghorns those have yellow legs) and my black chicks...
  20. sdsmowen

    What got my chicks??

    We are brand new to chickens this year. They free range during the day and then at night we have a chicken area in our barn where we keep the larger chickens (3 months old) in and there is a pen inside this area for our little chicks (5-6 weeks old). Last night something got in and didnt get the...
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