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  1. walkswithdog

    Flock for sale Southern Maryland

    Young flock for sale, Dark Brahma hens, brown eggs, and Easter Egger hens, laying blue and green eggs, trio of black runner ducks, and pair of African geese, all under a year. I have to have surgery. I need to go down to four birds. Total is thirteen young healthy birds. My loss is your gain...
  2. walkswithdog

    Groundhog Attacks!

    Well, this is pathetic! I was bitten by a hamster on steroids! Yesterday I let the dogs into the yard and a commotion started. I ran out to see and something large fell off a low branch of a tree. Too big too be a squirrel. What the? And there it is a groundhog circling, defending itself...
  3. walkswithdog

    Got old eggs? Help a mad hatcher out

    Looking for old eggs you can roughly date, 2-6 weeks is fine. Prefer PB for easier identification if I miss a hatchling. Daughter wants to compare age/rates of hatch. Will gladly pay shipping. My hatch was busted by the power out from the storms. Sigh. Might as well run a Play" set off eggs...
  4. walkswithdog

    Northern VA, brahmas or Marans, or ameraucana

    Looking for trio quad or six-10 straight run, of any of these... Blue Wheaton Marans, or Wheaton, or Blue Coppers Or LF dark or buff brahma. Or quality blue Wheaton/Wheaton ameracaunas. Just want to end up with a good quad of nice birds as layers. If Marans would begin again toward a small...
  5. walkswithdog

    leahy cabinet incubator all redwood cabinet

    Selling my antique 1920's Leahy incubator, partially refinished, worked all last year, hatched hundreds of chicks. I have an electronic thermostat for it, or if you're a purist, you could replace the wafer thermostat with the GQF, the fan quit so I have the new fan to replace it - it is the GQF...
  6. walkswithdog

    Bottle calf ELMER Pic on last post

    Neighbor is giving us a bottle calf, he's a jersey mix, he's been on momma a few days. I've not bottle fed a calf since my youth and when you do it then, with someone else in charge - you usually miss all the OTHER things that go with raising something. I've wanted to try a bottle calf for a...
  7. walkswithdog

    In the Stickies - link broken

    The LINK to common meds and dosages is broken this is a dead link.
  8. walkswithdog

    Who's selling Standard Heritage Bronze this year?

    Who is selling Heritage Bronze eggs this year? I'm looking to add some more birds in after loses to foxes, grrr....
  9. walkswithdog

    Sizzled and frazzled and smooth oh my...

    These are few of the babies growing out, but not all of them lol, they wouldn't hold still. The chicks are seramasizzles, there are three, two black smooth and the little reddish Sizzled. The last is the little blue pullet silkie growing out. Someone pulled out half her topknot. Sigh...
  10. walkswithdog

    Rescuing two mini-donkeys

    Their land is a swamp now and now it's freezing. Owner doesn't want their hooves in the mess any more and is giving them to us, we're well drained and the shed is on a hill and very dry. They're UTD on shots, teeth and worming. Not on the farrier but I planned on that. They're in good...
  11. walkswithdog

    <edit> Poultrysicle thread - will they hatch?

    Found an unattended stash of frozen eggs and decided to SEE if any of them would go... day 1 The weather, to say the least, has been NASTY. And Cynthia - Tinker has decided to go broody NOW. Mid Freeze. Darn bird. Decided to retitle it... 18 eggs
  12. walkswithdog

    Incubator Fans???

    Need help from my junker friends and bator builders. No, I am not asking about "computer" fans for small incubators. I am asking about Durable, continuous use fans for a cabinet bator. At least six inches for blades. What can I use? Where can I find it? My fan in the antique is beginning...
  13. walkswithdog

    Great Pyrenees Overload pic warning.

    Great Scott Batman - it's snowing dogs!!! Hmm not a dog... The baby with brown on her is Ziti, one of the great goofballs is my McCarran growing up, the other three are Noel, the one with the great head and sad eyes, and the "kitchen Pyrs" Penne and Gnocchi. All are rescues...
  14. walkswithdog

    What are your favorite poultry sheers?

    Looking for recommendations - need new ones so I thought I'd ask the ones who love theirs. Anyone have favorites?
  15. walkswithdog

    Ah the horns of a Dilemma...

    Hatching from your own eggs is good. Really rewarding. I enjoy it. Problem. I hatched some mixed eggs from the unsegregated flock over this fall. And I have fallen squarely on the horns of a dilemma. Of one of the last hatches, I'd guess they're about two or three weeks old were two chicks...
  16. walkswithdog

    Four Bit Chick pic or Chicken LITTLE

    Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar Four bit bird... That's my baby Tux, he weighs twice as much at that quarter.
  17. walkswithdog

    UPDATE!!! Krys and Henk are right again...

    Well, you nailed it. His first progeny are ALL black. He's black based and has something affecting his color to appear blue. I had hoped blue but nope. Bred to Delaware he has produced nothing but all blacks. I'll breed one of the girls back to him to look for birchen in spring. You all...
  18. walkswithdog

    Quail colored breeds?

    Or pics of Quail colored birds up CLOSE anyone? Need to do some color research. Thanks.
  19. walkswithdog

    Halo and Nivtups eggs and seramas and sizzles

    All go in tomorrow now that they are all here! YAY. They'll go in cartons at first - each box of shipped eggs had ONE cracked one in it. Sadly the GCM egg was much more badly cracked and will probably not be viable at all. Halo's egg crack was much less profound, so I waxed both and will...
  20. walkswithdog

    Ideal babies shipped today!!!

    I've done this a half dozen times! Why do I still FREAK out? I know they'll get here, they're from Ideal I know they'll be healthy... ugh.. I hate waiting. They're birchen bantam cochins for my project... sigh.... Waiting sucks.
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