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  1. MotherHen75

    Slow Moving Hen Rarely Eats

    So my little barred rock hen has always been a little slow moving, and gets left behind the flock. She’s always been a light bird. She drinks a lot, but rarely eats. She does eat some treats when i give them, oats, watermelon, etc.. Is there something wrong? And she does lay eggs fairly regular.
  2. MotherHen75

    Red Tailed Hawk

    So just recently a red tailed hawk moved into our neighborhood. Me and my neighbor both have chickens, and there is a small society of wild/stray chickens in the woods that someone left. We have a lot of squirrels, but i’m wondering how often red tailed hawks prey on chickens. Does color attract...
  3. MotherHen75

    Hen sitting on ground

    My hen was sitting in the middle of the run (until our cockerel bugged her) and just doing nothing. It’s cloudy, no sun bathing. Her tail is up, walking around normally. Is this normal chicken behavior or is something wrong?
  4. MotherHen75

    Dog Attack

    We had a dog incident, i’m currently on vacation and getting this information second hand. He says she has a bloody leg and has a gash where her leg meets her body and he says he can see her organs or the fat protecting her organs. The organs themselves are fine, but we have no medical...
  5. MotherHen75

    Breaking a broody

    So our silkie hen is 7 months old and already broody. She attacks my hand every time i try to get her eggs. And she’s picked the weirdest spot to sit, i can’t reach her but she’s on the tray to clean the coup out. So sooner or later i’ll need to clean it and she’s on it. As far as i know the...
  6. MotherHen75

    Soft eggs and shivering

    My hen is a little over a year. She is an amerecauna, and she’s been laying soft eggs. We didn’t know who the culprit was at first, but this morning i saw part of a soft shell hanging out her butt. She also shivers when she moves, and has a bit of a bumpy eye but i’m not sure that’s related. She...
  7. MotherHen75

    Integrating New Chickens

    So our flock got kinda picked out. We started with 10 chickens, or so we thought. Three turned out to be boys, one killed the other two. Down to 8. One chicken died of heart attack and another from a dog. We got rid of the rooster, too aggressive. We rehomed a hen, she got picked on and was...
  8. MotherHen75

    Chicken Eye Bumps

    So i noticed this a couple days ago, but my amerecauna hen has these little red bumps in the corner of her eye. She also shudders a little when she moves. Am i worrying over nothing?
  9. MotherHen75

    Bumpy eggs and runny poop

    Our amerecauna hen has been laying bumpy eggs, and when she poops it’s all runny and sometimes yellow. We clean her butt every once in awhile but i’m not sure what’s wrong. Any ideas?
  10. MotherHen75

    Chicken Farts

    I was holding my amerecauna hen, i believe she just finished laying an egg. And she farted. She tooted, and it smelled bad. Strange topic but, is this normal? Never heard of a bird farting before.
  11. MotherHen75

    Crispy Egg Shell

    So out of all our girls, our orpington is our favorite. If you sit down, she comes right into your lap and puts her head on your shoulder like a big hug! I might be fretting over nothing but i want to make sure she’s healthy and will live a long good life. She’s just over a year now, but i’ve...
  12. MotherHen75

    Chickens and Parasites

    Can a chicken eat a parasite directly? I’ve seen some pretty nasty parasitic worms and some were big! I know if a chicken eats a infected host then the parasites will live with the chicken as it’s host. If a chicken were to eat a ring worm directly, would they get it or would it be considered as...
  13. MotherHen75

    Scratching Out Nesting

    My little silkie just laid an egg yesterday! So i changed the nest material so it’s fresh for her, she’s scratching it all out! Is it normal? I think she’s about 5-6 months, which i think is pretty young for a silkie. Has anyone had experience with this?
  14. MotherHen75

    Chicken Dropped Dead

    We just went in an all out search for one of my girls. She was under the car, dead. No blood, no nothing. No inbound eggs or worms. She was a year old, she hatched four chicks at 7 months. She was a good mama. We checked her corpse, nothing in her throat, her abdomen was slightly warm but her...
  15. MotherHen75

    Silkie Crest

    Our little silkie is about four months if not older. She has a wild crest, we trim it from time to time but she still seems to have issues. We tried small rubber bands but she scratches them out. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?
  16. MotherHen75

    Introducing Juveniles

    We have four 3-4 month hens and a cockerel of the same age. The cockerel is a bantam, cause we had a problem with the bigger roosters. Anyway, we already have 5 fully grown standard sized year old hens. These hens have had a rooster before, he teared up their backs and he was aggressive so we...
  17. MotherHen75

    Stray Rooster

    So our neighbor recently moved out and left his chickens, two gamecocks and a hen, and since then they’ve multiplied. One rooster comes over at freaking 5:30 AM and crows wanting to get to our hens (their free range but we coup them up at night). I hate this darn thing, we have a little cochin...
  18. MotherHen75

    Integrating Chicks

    I got 7 chicks that are 11 1/2 weeks old. Two cockerels, a bantam and a black cochin bantam. I think there’s 3 bantams, the rest are standard sized. But we have 5 full sized almost a year old hens, how would i go about introducing them? They are been ‘see no touch’ for a long long time. The hens...
  19. MotherHen75

    Cockerels Attacked By Hen

    I have 2 little bantam cockerels. A sebright with a big attitude and a cochin that’s pretty mellow. I have 5 big hens and the amerecauna and the sebright just fought. I broke it up because the amerecauna had drew blood. A small small piece of the sebrights waddle in her beak. But before i could...
  20. MotherHen75

    Bumps On Cockerel Comb

    This bud is almost ten weeks old. I’ve noticed these whitish bumps on his comb. I know you can tell a lot about a chicken based on their comb. I dabbed a little cotton ball with ACV onto it. Anyone have an idea of what it is? He barely seems to notice it’s there.
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