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  1. vfem

    Tractor Supply Cornish - Now from Hoover Questions?

    So I got a killer deal at Tractor supply on Cornish X. Already 3 weeks old and $1 each. Out in the yard they go and we're a weak it and everyone has been really hardy. However, I just found out TSC switched to Hoover Hatchery for their chicks and I've never heard of them or got birds from them...
  2. vfem

    Gender of Lavender Orp - AND... What breed am I? 2 for 1

    So I got a grab bag mix of rare breeds, I was able to pull out the Lavender Orpington for sure. Question now is the sex. All the chicks are 5 weeks old. Only bird of the mix that is an obvious rooster with a huge pink comb and wattles, is an Olive Egger named "Oregano" (he needs a home btw!)...
  3. vfem

    Lavender and Blue genes - cross outcome?

    So crossing a blue and lavender bird would leave you with a black? I'm trying to understand the relation of a self blue to a true blue gene? What would the offspring carry?
  4. vfem

    Other option for FAT meatie?

    Ok, so I have a HUGE meatie bird who's WAY too big for the killing cone. He's probably around 14-15 lbs and the cone will only seem to work for the one's under 10 lbs. What's a good back up plan for a one time way to take care of him? I need want anything complicated for one time use, I just...
  5. vfem

    Fogl's Kitchen Homemade Jams, Extracts and Biscotti - 10% off for BYC members

    We love our friends here on BYC and we're offering all of friends here 10% off at our shop on all items... Jams, Jellies, Biscotti, Sugars, Extracts and even Digital Recipes! If you are local we even have free delivery within a 20 mile radius. You can...
  6. vfem

    BLACK FRIDAY Jam and Biscotti Sale Weekend

    Save 12% all weekend off your entire purchase. Simply check out with code: FRIDAY12 Everything is included in the sale... Jams, Jellies, Biscotti, Sugars, Extracts and even Digital Recipes! If you are local we have free delivery within a 20 mile radius...
  7. vfem

    Blood in the meat

    We killed some birds today because they could no longer walk because of the size and the heat. The looked like they weren't going to pull through the day panting and refusing to get up. We ended up rushing because a storm was rolling in and we didn't bleed them out. Looks like the blood pooled...
  8. vfem

    Homemade Organic Jams - Gourmet Pantry Items FOGLS KITCHEN

    Always looking for the classic jam to satisfy your sweet tooth, want to try a new favor, go gourmet, or just find a jam like your grandmother used to make... look no further then Fogl's Kitchen. We supply wonderful jams in dozens of amazing flavors, as well as specialty pantry items for...
  9. vfem

    Need a Breeder w/ Hatching Eggs Near Pasadena today for pick up!?

    I know this is short, but I have someone looking for eggs near Pasadena that are fertile for hatching because they need them for a project that has to start tomorrow. Does anyone have about a dozen eggs of 1 or more breeds that can be picked up today? And do you have an email so they can talk...
  10. vfem

    Before Process Weight Vs. After Process Weight

    I think I asked this in another thread that originally had nothing to do with the topic of this title. I don't think my post got an answer, and its been so long I am not going to awaken an old thread with an off topic question. So, I actually am a week away from when I planned to process my...
  11. vfem

    Hoop House Type Coop Question?

    I'm attaching a sample of what I'm talking about here...
  12. vfem

    Sexing 5 wk old chicks

    Ok, so here I have 1 BCM and 2 Americana/Maran crosses. They're 5 weeks old and its time for me to sex them and see who stays and who goes. Either way, they need to leave the silkie pen and their silkie mama in the next week or 2. Sorry everyone was hopping around like crazy, I was bringing...
  13. vfem

    Watch Nightline News - Talking Store bought Eggs

    They're on commercial now, but they'll be back in a few minutes to talk about the 'unknowns' of store bought eggs? I'm watching to see what surprises they'll be announcing to those non-chicken owners out there!
  14. vfem

    Broody Raising Meat Chicks

    Ok, so I stopped by Tractor supply and picked up 6 cornish x chicks to raise for meat. Usually I just slaughter my extra roos which is only a couple a year, and they're anything from silkies to heritage breeds so I don't bother offing them until 15-18wks. This is what I got going on now, I...
  15. vfem

    All time interest rate lows?

    Who is jumping on this to refinance? I'm still in shock over the %'s I'm seeing!!!
  16. vfem

    Help developing a recipe

    I've been playing with an idea of something I think will taste fabulous... but how to make it work?! I want to make a pie, maybe an cold serving type. I'd like it to have blackberries & ricotta cheese in the mix. I haven't decided on a crust yet. Should I try to approach this like a cheese...
  17. vfem

    Easy Bake Oven Recipes?

    Oh yeah, that's right! The little one got an easy bake oven... and those prepacked boxes... well, they're yuck! So I was told there are actually recipes out there, and groups of mom's who come up with recipes that actually cook up GOOD in these things. So, you got any recipes you've got...
  18. vfem

    Last Minute Gifting

    Not that I forgot... well, yeah, I forgot! But I need something for my brother! He's a big guy, so clothes he likes and fits are hard to find. So we're staying away from that. I just didn't have time and now I'm going to see him tomorrow and want to give him a little something. So looking for...
  19. vfem

    Help deciphering FRENCH recipe?! French Eclairs-Recipe & pics added

    This may sound silly, but I bought a recipe online from a lady in France, for her grandmother's Chocolate Eclairs. I think she did her absolute BEST to change it to English, but most of it is gibberish. I get the majority of it, but some of her measurements are questionable at the least. (She's...
  20. vfem

    2lb Bag of Biscotti Sampler - Bits and Pieces - Fogl's Kitchen

    This is a 2 lb bag of our mixed biscotti flavors, all the odds, ends and broken pieces from our holiday orders. All baked fresh this week! We'll ship out in 3 days and you'll have them in time for your holiday. You'll get a 2lb bag of mixed flavors and they could be ANYTHING available in our...
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