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  1. NorthernAZchickens

    12+ Welsh Harlequin Eggs, Shipping Included.

    Just got a shipment of eggs from her and they were packed (egg)selently! Would buy from again!
  2. NorthernAZchickens

    12 + Solid Blue Marans Eggs

    Hi, I was wondering if you could do a package of some of these blue marans eggs with some of your ameraucana's eggs. Like 6 each? Thanks!
  3. NorthernAZchickens

    Variety of Day-Old Chicks on Special Today and Tomorrow

    Just to let everyone one know. I got my start out with chicks shipped directly from EstesHatchery. I've enjoyed their birds and their customer service was great! If you have questions about my experience with them feel free to email or PM me.
  4. NorthernAZchickens

    Light Sussex Roo with lav. Gene

    I hatched out too many roo's. These are light sussex from Green fire farms that have been breed with Coronation sussex also from Greenfire farms. I have 3 available but have had a hard time getting rid of them locally and thought I'd see if anyone on here would be interested in one or more...
  5. NorthernAZchickens

    broody won't get off the nest after chicks hatched

    Quick question. I have a BO broody that just hatched out some chicks. The first hatched monday, then the rest all hatched out tuesday. Well today is Thursday and she isn't off the nest yet. We did remove the "dud" eggs to encourage her to take her chicks to food and water but... I was going...
  6. NorthernAZchickens

    Using Diatomaceous Earth?

    If you search eye worm you will find several posts about it. For my chicken it was a swollen whitish lump inside her eye socket. I guess an eye worm will take residence in a chicken's tear duct. This is a very short, and possible inaccurate description, but that was our experience. I posted...
  7. NorthernAZchickens

    Using Diatomaceous Earth?

    Just as an interesting note. I had a chicken come down with an eye worm. I use DE in the coop and nests and food, but had forgotten to mix it with the last couple bags of feed. Well, I read on here that they used DE to get rid of an eye worm. So I thought I would try it. I dusted her, her...
  8. NorthernAZchickens

    WTD anywhere in Utah: BCM's and Araucanas

    Hello, This will be more for the spring time, but I am looking to grow my flock with some nice Black Copper Marans and some Araucanas. I would rather pick up somewhere locally before having them mailed to me. So if you raise Black Coppers or Araucanas and live somewhere in Utah or northern...
  9. NorthernAZchickens


    I was wondering if anyone in southern utah was raising any BCM or true araucana or ameraucana chickens. I was hoping to get a few of these in the spring and would rather do it with someone locally. I am currently raising some Light Sussex (with the coronation gene) chicks right now and I know...
  10. NorthernAZchickens

    swollen tear duct or something worse?

    I have a BA who just tonight showed up with a large swollen something in the front of her eye. It seems soft and filled with fluid, but she has no discharge, no fluid of the outside of the eye, no runny nose, no other symptoms. She is 25 weeks old Eating layer feed bedding in pine shavings...
  11. NorthernAZchickens

    Do you have more problems with feathered leg or crested chickens?

    Back to the original question of brahmas or polish I would definitely say get the brahmas. Polish tend to be very timid and tend to get picked on by the other chickens (literally). They also seem to be weaker in general. More prone to disease. I started out with several. I had one die, got...
  12. NorthernAZchickens

    Describe your Breed(s) of chickens in one word...

    BR - Grouchy BO- friendly BA - Courious GLW - Pretty EE- chickens ( scared) Silkie - nervous buff polish - silly gl polish - clown black marans - standoffish Red stars- Friendly Production Reds - independent Partridge cochins - diva's I think that is all....
  13. NorthernAZchickens

    28 wk old Barred Rock Broody?

    Don't know...there are several signs of broodiness. One is sitting on the nest, but also the other is she gets upset at you if you reach for her or her eggs...but you said she let you take the don't know...give it some more time...
  14. NorthernAZchickens

    Intergrating 4wk olds with 6wk olds

    At that age you shouldn't have too many problems. A little pecking is expected. Just keep on eye on them and make sure the little do have some access to the food and water. Also make sure they have enough space so the little ones have space to get away if needed. If that doesn't work put 2...
  15. NorthernAZchickens

    weird opened mouth gagging or swallowing

    I saw this at the end of the day with several of mine. I'm still torn if they are trying to finish swollowing the green weeds and grass from the day or a simplier answer is that they are yawning...
  16. NorthernAZchickens

    Prettiest EE Show ***RESULTS***

    Here are my EE babies! 1# Light EE (no real name yet) 3 months Pretty Bird Showing off 1# 2# Name: Barrack 3 Months Pretty Bird Who you looking at?!? 2# 3# Name: BuckBeak 3 months Pretty bird Eating is harder then it looks! 3#
  17. NorthernAZchickens

    ?How many roos????Now with more photos!!

    You said they are 8 weeks old? My 11 weeks old don't have any combs or wattles that red or big yet. I would say if they have those larger combs that are red...roos...
  18. NorthernAZchickens

    silkie experts...when will my silkie cockere1 try to mate?

    Just this morning I saw my suspected roo silkie chasing the girls this morning and trying to jump on their backs. He just turned 11 weeks. He won't be successful for several more weeks but he has started trying.
  19. NorthernAZchickens

    Cackling rooster???

    That is a rooster and my vote would be a Delaware breed.
  20. NorthernAZchickens

    Question Concerning Production Reds

    Production reds from my understanding are not sex-links. The are a hybrid for great egg production but not sexlinks. Red Stars or Red sexlinks close to the same, but are obviously sexlinks. You probably just fall in the 10% error rate with the roo.
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