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  1. ambrose

    Tell How Predators Got Your Ducks. Save Somebody Else From The Bad Experience

    prohibitive not prohibited. I assume as in "prohibitvely expensive."
  2. ambrose

    Anyone with Mini Silver Appleyards...

    they sound super-cute. I knew there had to be someone in Portland with MSAs!
  3. ambrose

    Anyone with Mini Silver Appleyards...

    and a few minutes later and it's already gone! (at least here in SW PDX) Would love to see pics/vids if you have them. Did you get them from holderread's?
  4. ambrose

    Quality of my WH Ducks?

    gotta ask- If she quacks like a duck....? They look nice to me, but I dunno much about breed standards.
  5. ambrose

    Miniature Silver Appleyard Ducklings photos

    Sweet! Thanks for posting. I hope to get MSAs in the future.
  6. ambrose


    What an awesome roo. Very Glam.
  7. ambrose

    Holderread's delivered!

    How are you liking the mini silvers? I'd love to see pics of them. sorry about the losses.
  8. ambrose

    Selling or giving away Ducklings - which one?

    I've thought about this too (very theoretically) and even though I wouldn't really care about how much money I got, I would want the ducks to go to someone who could swing a few bucks for them. I figure the cost of ducklings is pretty small compared to other expenses involved. And responsible...
  9. ambrose


    If you're OK with a drake I bet there are plenty of legit folks on Craig's List just looking to unload a drake to keep the male:female ration of their flock more harmonious! If you meet the seller in a public place and the duck looks healthy, probably not a big risk. (optimal situation...
  10. ambrose

    can i raise ducks in my backyard?

    I can see why you're confused. how could you have other combinations of four if you can't exceed two of either?
  11. ambrose

    australian spotted ducks....

    and did you mean lay the most ** for a bantam sized duck**?
  12. ambrose

    australian spotted ducks....

    someone in the "Where are You/Where am I" Oregon subforum has them I recall. Look there. And I have no idea and ask myself the same. Perhaps they need a better publicist? Or maybe it's just that there aren't a lot of them out there to begin with?
  13. ambrose

    I just looked up bantam ducks....... Anyone who has, or has had any, please look

    I don't have mini silver appleyards yet, but plan to get them eventually. According to the chart in Storey's the MSAs lay more than the East Indies (50-125 v. 25-75). Both are "excellent" for mothering and foraging abilities. I've searched MSAs and read only good things, they charmed some folks...
  14. ambrose

    Ducklings from Metzers are here!

    Looks to me like you've got yourself some nice fluffy prefolds too!
  15. ambrose

    Anyone with Mini Silver Appleyards...

    ...currently active in the Duck subforum? When I first came on i searched the archives and read some nice things about MSAs. But I would love to hear more about these guys!
  16. ambrose

    Who watches your ducks when you go out of town?

    Interesting to hear all the experiences. I think we'll probably be able to figure something out.
  17. ambrose

    The nitty-gritty of ducks

    Interesting, my local store was also suggesting Runners "because you don't have to give them a pool." I guess I would at least offer and see!
  18. ambrose

    My children are paying attention (sort of)

    This morning my four year old asks: "Can we get a Cinnamon Teal?" (We were at the zoo a couple week ago -- I alway enjoy the native wild waterfowl exhibit.) So explained the difference between wild and domestic breeds. "But I like their green heads!" (um, no ...but that's an easy one!)...
  19. ambrose

    Sneezing, some coughing- going through the flock

    I'm glad at least the fresh air and/or sunlight is helping! Hope they continue to improve.
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