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  1. TcherDawn

    Hyline Pullets

    This is a Brown Hyline. It is a commercial breed cross between a RIR and a White Leghorn. They lay brown eggs. Here are Penny, Patty, Polly, Priscilla, and Petunia. These are my sweet girls. Above is Patty, who alonng with Petunia are my most friendly. This is Petunia with Patty looking...
  2. TcherDawn

    Tcherdawns Page

    Here are my beautiful 17 week old Hyline Brown gals. I got them as 17 week old started pullets. This is my very first time raising chickens or ever even being around chickens. I am excited and nervous. We have the Chicken Hutch and Pen as a temporary home. We are going to build a coop...
  3. Corner Coop Inside Barn Garage

    Corner Coop Inside Barn Garage

    Above is the corner of our detached two car garage/barn where the coop is going. See the floor and how uneven it is. Many challenges.... We put additonal boards and hardware cloth along with spray foam in every corner to try and keep the rodents out and some warmth in. We shall see...
  4. TcherDawn

    Kilz paint for Coops

    We used Kilz on the inside of our coop for the reason Pat said. Any exposed wood that got poo on it stained and stinks. I had to remove my unpainted roosts and pressure wash the yuck off them, but the walls wiped clean easily because of the paint on them. Also, if we ever had any...
  5. TcherDawn

    Here it is!!!!! Our "indoor" Coop.

    Thank you! We unfortunately had to put deer netting over the other windows. They kept roosting in them. We also extended the droppings board all the way to the back wall and side wall, and installed a cage underneath for the chicks when we moved them to the coop. Now we can use it as an...
  6. TcherDawn

    First egg!! Yay!!!

    So glad to hear that it is nothing to worry about. That is my oldest son's favorite pet. Maybe the Red Star Ruby or Barred Rock Tiger will be next? And of course Snowball again. :-) Good girls. Woot Woot!!!
  7. TcherDawn

    First egg!! Yay!!!

    We got our first egg from our almost 20 week old White Leghorn Snowball. She is so sweet and not flighty at all. Our most scared/flighty chicks are the Partridge and White Cochins! Go figure. The small white egg had a small streak of blood on it. Is that normal? I looked at her behind and...
  8. TcherDawn

    Does Bird Netting Work With Snow?

    We take it down in the winter because this is only about 3/4 inch of snow (in NH)
  9. TcherDawn

    Blue Seal vs DuMor

    The two feed stores here love Blue Seal and almost exclusively recommend it. I have had good results from it. Generally I feed Green Mountain Organic, but when they are out, they always recommend Blue Seal.
  10. TcherDawn


    Quote: Why, were they laying? There is no good reason to feed layer to nonlaying pullets. As far as the grower is concerned--once your chickens start to lay give them some oyster shell in an separate feeder and feed out the grower or gradually mix it with layer. The biggest difference...
  11. TcherDawn

    debeaked hen question

    I agree with Ray, they do not have sharpness to their beak. Mine do not do well when it gets down to the bottom of the oyster shell, or bottom of the feeder. It has to have some thickness to it for mine to get a really good "grip" on whatever it is that they are eating. So just be careful...
  12. TcherDawn

    what should I feed my chickens?

    Feed a commercial chicken feed designed for their age. My hens are commercial crosses, and any time I give too many treats or too much scratch(corn), they come up with soft shell eggs. One had an egg break inside her, and she got an infection. We had to put her down. Commercial feed has the...
  13. TcherDawn

    Integration question

    I will have to put the chicks in at night for all the reasons you said. I will open them up at daybreak like I do most days, so they don't have to deal with each other in a confined space(I think my coop is 8x11). My husband gets up early to go to the gym, so we are up very early anyway...
  14. TcherDawn

    Is this failure to thrive?

    I have a runty chick too. She is now 15 weeks and just starting to catch up with her fellow hatch mates. She did not feather and was half the size of all the others. But she ate, drank, and ran around like anybody's business. She is feisty and will steal a treat from anyone. I have...
  15. TcherDawn

    Integration question

    My 8 almost 15week olds are doing well with the 4 adults hens. They are scared to death of them, but doing well. I have a small coop in the run for the chicks. The run is divided by chicken wire, and every afternoon we have been doing integration sesssions(monitored). So now I am leaving the...
  16. TcherDawn

    Official BYC Poll - How many chickens do you have?

    Wow, 300! I went from 4 to 12 this year, and I thought that was a big jump in poo!
  17. TcherDawn

    Chick question for cold weather chick owners?

    They were fine, as you all told me they would be. They did great, and it got into the low 40's out there. So cold for August. Now it is supposed to be hot for three days, then cool off again. Poor chickens have to adapt so quickly! They are tough I guess. Thanks to all!
  18. TcherDawn

    Help our Minnie? Update in OP.

    No matter what the situation, it is hard to lose a loved pet. Rest in Peace Minnie. And prayers to you and your family. You were wonderful to her while she was with you.
  19. TcherDawn

    Chick question for cold weather chick owners?

    Thanks for the encouragement/reassurances. I feel like I have spent weeks worrying about the exact temperature for them. Now I am just having to relax and let them be chickens. Deep breath in, and out.... They will be fine. And they are already MUCH happier with their new much larger...
  20. TcherDawn

    Chick question for cold weather chick owners?

    My chicks are almost 9 weeks old, large breeds, and fully feathered (except for the runt). Can they be in the covered Chick n Hutch overnight. The temp here today is 71 for high, high 40's for a low tonight. I just need some reassurance from some nothern chick people that they will be ok...
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