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  1. shay20

    Frizzled Duccles

    Frizzled D'uccles I am working on a project on Frizzled D'uccles. So far i have 2 frizzled d'uccle babys, 1 is a Milli fluer d'uccle, and 1 is a Gold milli fluer d'uccle. I will be breeding those babys back to d'uccles when they get older. This one is a Black gold milli fluer...
  2. Project Black Phoenix Lf

    Project Black Phoenix Lf

    Project Black Phoenix Large Fowl I am currently working on makeing my own Black Phoenix. I breed my BB Red Phoenix Rooster to my White faced black spanish. I choose the Spanish becouse she has same comb type, and white earlobes as so does the phoenix ,closest body structer that i can think of...
  3. shay20

    Showgirls A Mixed Breed Between Silkie And Naked Neck Turken

    SHOWGIRL'S Showgirl's are a mixed breed between Silkie and Naked Neck Turken. They are not yet reconized as there own breed, but for showing they go under AOV silkie ( All other variety silkie) Variety is Showgirl...
  4. shay20

    Frizzle Red Black White Splash Buff Blue

    Frizzle Red, Black, White, Splash, Buff, Blue Created by shay20 Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: The Frizzle is a breed that carries a gene that makes their feathers curl outward and up, It looks as if they are in the wind storm. The first Frizzle that i have heard off is...
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