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  1. carlyducks

    Duck pen smell!

    Hello, I have my duck pen on cement with a thick layer of straw. When it gets wet, it gets this strong swamp like smell and it can be bad. Does anyone know a way to help this? Maybe something different than straw? Do coop deodorizers really work? Thanks!
  2. carlyducks

    Can ducks have Herbs?

    I found these at Tractor Supply.. Are they safe/healthy for ducks? The bag says so, but I just want to make sure this isn't something junky for them that they are better off not eating..
  3. carlyducks

    Hawks- Please help

    My ducks were out free ranging with me this afternoon, and I was literally sitting 3 feet away from them scrolling through my phone when a hawk swooped down so fast. All 4 of my ducks scattered towards me and were trembling. The hawk pulled feathers out from one of them, but luckily that was all...
  4. carlyducks

    Is my duck’s breathing normal?

    So my 1 year old female black Swedish duck has always seemed to breathe heavy as long as I could remember.. I didn’t think anything of it because she has always done it. But scrolling online last night I read that when I duck breathes and their tail bobs up and down and could mean that have a...
  5. carlyducks

    Can ducks eat scratch grain?

    Can ducks eat this? If so, what is the purpose? There are sunflower seeds in it, is that safe for ducks? I'm looking for something new to expand my duck's diet to give them something different along with their usual crumble feed! :) thanks...
  6. carlyducks

    Ducklings are getting so big / update & pics

    These are my two ducklings, Paige and Ethel. They will be 5 weeks old on Monday already! Time flies.. They are getting closer and closer to being able to live outside.. :celebrate Update on Ethel (runner) : Ethel's legs had been shaking and trembling for about 2 weeks straight, she couldn't...
  7. carlyducks

    Aggressive drake, need advice.

    I am at my breaking point with my drake. He will be a year old in August, and he is with a female. I have two baby females who will be joining him once mature. Once my boy matured and started mating with my female, he has been so aggressive with me, my dogs, and family members. I cannot walk in...
  8. carlyducks

    Duckling's leg shaking/tums?

    My 4 week old indian runner duckling's legs started trembling last weak very badly. she can only stand for about 25 seconds and then her legs shake so bad that she needs to lay down.. Other than that she eats, drinks, and does everything else just fine and seems happy and healthy.. I have been...
  9. carlyducks

    Can ducks eat peanuts and shells?

    So someone around my neighborhood had to have been feeding peanuts to squirrels because my ducks used to find them every day and LOVE them. they stopped finding them so i bought them some. they are unsalted and get about 2 a day and they go “nuts” for them. they eat the shell and the peanut...
  10. carlyducks

    Ready for my babies!

    I have everything for my 2 girls who are supposed to be arriving tomorrow! Setting up the brooder (kiddie pool) tonight! :)
  11. carlyducks

    Which breed are these runners?

    these are my grandma's four ducks, two are pekins but not sure what breed the two runners are. Don't mind my silly grandma in the video.. haha..
  12. carlyducks

    Sav-A-Chick Electrolyte & Vitamin Supplement for ducklings?

    Can I use this with my ducklings for the first week just to help them with stress, etc from their long shipment? Thanks!
  13. carlyducks

    Questions about my ducklings arriving soon!

    Hello! So I just received an email from Metzer Farms letting me know my 2 female ducklings will be shipping out Monday and arriving Wednesday! (So excited & nervous).. I have a bunch of last minute questions/double checking before they get here, if anyone can answer any I'd appreciate it! 1...
  14. carlyducks

    How much Brewer's Yeast for ducklings?

    Hi everyone! I have a feeder that hold 4 cups of feed, how much brewers yeast would I add to that? Thanks! :)
  15. carlyducks

    Heat lamp temperatures for ducklings

    Anyone know the temperatures the heat lamp is supposed to be each week for ducklings? Everywhere online says something different.. :/
  16. carlyducks

    Male duck mating with babies?

    Hi, I have an 8 month old male duck who mates a lot with my female who is the same age. However, I will be getting two female ducklings soon. They won't be living together right away of course, I will probably wait a month or so until their feathers start growing in like you're supposed to. My...
  17. carlyducks

    Duck missing chunk of feathers on back please help!

    When my female duck was swimming i noticed i can see some of her skin. i freaked out and grabbed her out of the pool to check it out. right in between her wings a little lower down her back she has a chunk of feathers missing and you can see her white skin? what could this be from?? i have...
  18. carlyducks

    Is this duck poop normal?

    Sorry for the gross picture but, My 8 month old female is acting fine, laying, eating, swimming, etc.. all normally. but she poops like this which looks much different than my males poop does? is this normal looking poop? Is like a pukey green color & runny.. She gets peas every few days but...
  19. carlyducks

    Are ducks okay to be on cement?

    I just put together my new pen that I got from tractor supply and my family and i are deciding where to put it in the yard. We have a giant cemented area in my backyard where we built it, but are now thinking about keeping it there permanently. My mom's concerned that the cement will be too...
  20. carlyducks

    Duckling/duck food questions!

    Hi! I will be getting two female ducklings May 2nd. I have been getting mixed information on which feed ducklings need and for which weeks. I am mostly hearing this: 0-3 weeks 20 % chick starter/grower 3 weeks -laying maintenance laying- layer, obviously is this accurate? I also wasn't sure...
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