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    Ontario, Canada

    Campbellville, Ontario here :)
  2. TheHalfWayCoop

    Liquid Choropyhll or Red Raspberry Leaf in water?

    That would make sense! I should have thought chickens being a different species it may not have the same effect! I'll definitely do a poisonous plants check on this. It's funny how when you have chickens and you find something that can benefit you, you automatically wondered what it can do for...
  3. TheHalfWayCoop

    Liquid Choropyhll or Red Raspberry Leaf in water?

    As mention in the OP our chickens don't see a lot of green grass or plants in the winer as we have snow, snow, and more snow. No grass. While we do take them store bought salads, etc... I thought adding this to their water might be more efficient. And as mentioned, RRLT is supposed to be...
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    Liquid Choropyhll or Red Raspberry Leaf in water?

    I was just wondering if anyone did, or had heard of, putting either liquid chloropyhll or red raspberry leaf tea in their chickens water? My chickens don't get out into the grass much in the winter, and what is there in the winter is definitely brown, now we just bought liquid chlorophyll for...
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    Do you look like a Chicken Farmer?

    Sometimes! When I wasn't on maternity leave it wasn't uncommon to find me in the coop in heels and dress clothes feeding the babies and collecting eggs. But generally I favor my skirts and tights with polka dot rubber boots and a plaid button up, an apron is frequently thrown into the mix too -...
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    Please Tell Me About Your Livestock Guardian

    We finally moved to our little 'farmette' a few weeks ago and are thinking we really need a LGD to keep the chickens/kids/ and possibly any other livestock (we're thinking sheep/alpacas or small cattle) together, as well as the coyotes, etc... away. It sounds dumb (okay, maybe not dumb to this...
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    Come on every buddy what is the number of your flock anyone anyone at all

    We're sitting at 13 right now, with arrangements to pick up 8 more tomorrow ;) I would love to say that's it for us, but I have a feeling that this is becoming a problem....
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    This one is not like the others

    Oh that little ones is so cute! Cut not looking silkie to me LoL Perhaps part Brahma, Polish, Cochin, or the like, but super cute anyway!!! I'd ask the breeder just to know what he/she is for curiosity sake, but I think it's a doll!
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    Who else got chicken Christmas gifts?

    My aunt got my a $100 giftcard to TSC to buy stuff for the girls, does that count? LoL AND I was really excited about this gift!!
  10. TheHalfWayCoop

    Am I Being Unforgiving?

    I wouldn't be going. Christmas is about spending time with family you want to see, not being obligated to spend your time with toxic individuals. I agree with PP just keeping repeating that you're sorry to upset, but you wont be able to make it. Simple. Good luck!!
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    Silkie Chick!! pics added!!!!

    Can you tell if they're full feathered? Check under their wings, etc... and make sure they've got good covering, no pin feathers or down showing, if they're full feathered there's no real reason why they can't go outside. Ours looked fully feathered when we got them, but after checking under...
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    Cats Vs Chicks = harmful?

    Quote: Now that is some adorableness!!! Love that picture!! Think you could train her to be a broody? Just nap on the eggs all day for three weeks... I'm sure it could be done
  13. TheHalfWayCoop

    Cats Vs Chicks = harmful?

    I would keep them away, particularly for the sake of the bacteria cats can carry (I'm not being mean, I'm a cat person, we have atleast three at any given time) my mom got bit by a cat and her arm swelled up like a balloon and the Dr said the only thing worse than a cat bite is a human bite...
  14. TheHalfWayCoop

    What Happened to our chicks (Disappearing)

    Our chicks and chickens are all housed in the garage inside their coop for the winter, that's why we were surprised that they were disappearing like that, they were in a coop w/ a run inside the garage that's attached to our house that's also sealed and shut up I thought I was going to have to...
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    *My New Silkie Babies!!!* (PICS ADDED!!!)

    Ohhh SO adorable!!! What beautiful babies!!!
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    What Happened to our chicks (Disappearing)

    Alright I went out a few hours ago and dug around in their shavings, but no chicks I might have missed them as their shavings are kept fairly deep in the winter and they have a 12'x20' run in the garage, but I don't think so I just would have thought that given that our garage is attached to...
  17. TheHalfWayCoop

    What Happened to our chicks (Disappearing)

    I would go with rats, but as the coop is in our garage for the winter and we're in an urban area there aren't many rats, etc... I've seen mice in the garage on occasion, but it's pretty well sealed up for other vermin as it's attached to the house, and nowhere for owls or other birds to get in...
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    What Happened to our chicks (Disappearing)

    Our silkie broodies hatched four chicks out last week and were living with them in a sectioned off brooder in the coop. No one has been getting in, and no one has been getting out of it, but of the two chicks that were remaining (two were unwell and died earlier this week) the other two have...
  19. TheHalfWayCoop

    Went for four, came home with eight.

    Chicken math is a beast!! But so, so worth it!! I am thankful everyday that our feed stores don't carry chicks in store (have to preorder) and that I never seem to make it to poultry sales or I would be in so much more trouble than I already am! Good luck with your little guys!!
  20. TheHalfWayCoop

    Best Book to get to entice someone into chickens

    I enjoyed Chick Days by Jenna Woginrich
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