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  1. tomfromsc

    hard egg shells

    I need some advise I have a broody hen setting and Sunday will be 21 days she set earlier this year and the hatch was unsuccessful and I think it was that the eggshells were so thick the chick could not pip I took the eggs from her at 25 days and opened them to see what had developed and the...
  2. tomfromsc

    Rooster dominance in reproduction

    Hi.. I am trying to decide what to do with my present Orpington and pullets eggs this spring...I have 1- Buff Laced Brahma Rooster my only rooster and 4 BLB hens that are nice girls but terrible layers...since they were my first chickens and they all have names they are permanent members of the...
  3. tomfromsc

    pullets laying daily

    Last summer I bought two Orpington hens with the 5 chicks that they hatched [they were from more than one hen obviously that's the picture in my avatar] , I wanted to raise a few chicks purely for entertainment and add a few hens to my flock at the same time . The 2 Orp hens worked out fine both...
  4. tomfromsc

    Rooster attacks new hen

    I have two new hens i'm trying to introduce to my existing flock of 4 Buff Lace Brahma hens and 1 BLB rooster. The two new hens are Buff Orps and they are both with their chicks (5) the chicks are 3 weeks and 4 weeks old , they have been in two different coops for a couple of weeks and can see...
  5. tomfromsc

    new chicks what are they ?

    .here are some pics of the new chicks the whole family first.... then the black checked one ..the dark brown redish one and the black and white/ cream colored one and the two buffs one BO is raising the one buff chick the other 4 chicks are the other BO any guesses what they may be feet...
  6. tomfromsc

    barred rock roo and yellow/cream colored chicks

    I'm going to pick up some new chickens 2 bo hens and 5 of their chicks the roo was a barred rock 2 of the chicks are black (as expected )and three are yellow as the pic shows can this even be possible the lady says other hens put eggs under the bo but if the barred rock is the only roo as she...
  7. tomfromsc

    Moving hen and chicks to new coop

    I have a broody hen she is on 7 eggs not all are hers but anyway my plan is to move her and the chicks to a new coop / tractor i built I call the nusery . It's a small coop 4 ft by 4 ft with a similar size run I can keep the door closed and it will be warm enough I'm in South Carolina when the...
  8. tomfromsc

    changing roosters ???

    Hi...This is kind of an unusual question BUT I have these Buff Laced Brahma 2 hens and 1 rooster they came from Carolina Rare Chicks as chicks. The hens are marked perfect for the breed the rooster not so much but he is purebred . Last year two eggs from the hens ( don't know which one ) were...
  9. tomfromsc

    Buff Laced Brahma

    I just found out what breed my little flock of chickens are, they are Buff Laced Brahmas. When I got them last fall I was looking for 3 or 4 hens so I went over to see this lady that I knew that had lots of chickens and I looked at all her birds, way over in the corner in a pen all by themselves...
  10. tomfromsc

    saw dust and wood shavings from my coop

    Hi ...I use saw dust and wood shavings from my wood shop for deep litter bedding in my coop mostly the shavings are very small either from my planer or from my lathe and are oak and cypress. I have been storing the litter I clean from the coop in 55 gal drums along with the straw I use for nest...
  11. tomfromsc

    what is broody like

    Hi ....This may sound like a dumb question ....BUT.. being new at this chicken raising I need to ask .. I want to let one of my hens go broody do I know if she is broody ? what signs do I look for ? how will I know to leave her eggs alone... I have 4 hens and 1 rooster all Brahmas
  12. tomfromsc

    Chickens and cooked peanuts

    I was at tractor supply yesterday and I found a wild bird food mix that has sunflower mealworms flax seed and several other seed but has a small amount of dried peanuts I'm not sure about the peanuts but everything else sounds like it will be good for them as a high protein treat while they're...
  13. tomfromsc

    nest box problems

    Hi I'm new here and need some help figuring out what my birds are thinking ...if you can say that about a chicken ...I have a family unit of Brahmas (4 hens 1 rooster) 2 years old +/- , they never had a coop and a run , they had a run and a couple of boxes to go in . I brought them to their new...
  14. tomfromsc

    new member to BYC

    hello I am a new member , I have visited the site for the last few weeks and decided to join the flock I am retired and haven't had chickens since I was a teenager . I built a coop (tractor) for the birds and went to a friend to get a few birds to get started , I have 5 Brahmas 4 hens ,and a...
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