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  1. ccflash

    Did anyone set September 2nd/3rd? I could use hatching buddies!

    I am going to set a broody after dark tonight with 9 of my eggs. One that I have a particular interest in. So count me in. Kenny
  2. ccflash

    I need advice on housing two roosters in the same flock.

    I am one of the fortunate few who have multiple roosters and get along fine. I have 17 hens and 3 rooster in a large run. My light brown leghorn is the alpha and the two younger roos are his offspring but they are over a year old now. They don't like my freerange roosters getting too close to...
  3. ccflash

    Catching Chickens . . . an Olympic Event?

    I think it is just Arkansas chickens that do that. I live in Cave City and my chickens do not like the looks of a dip net. I leave it by the run so they get used to it. Wrong, when you take it in there they go berzerk. Did you get any video, could be a youtube star. Kenny
  4. ccflash

    Chicken Tractor

    I have been drawing up some plans for a 6' x 12' that I am planning for 6 birds at a time. I think that will be heavy enough that it will stand up good but not so heavy i couldn't move it around the property. I plan on having a 4' section on the end for roost space. I think it will work great...
  5. ccflash

    Chicks Roosting

    Went to the run with treats this evening and my 7 chicks that are two and a half weeks old were on the roost with mama and the rest of the big birds. I feel strangely proud of them but also sad they are growing up. Fortunately I have younger chicks and more under broodies so life is pretty...
  6. ccflash

    Broudy hen help

    As the other two replies have said, enjoy the experience, there is nothing like it. I have a huge run and one corner is sectioned off for chicks with mamas. I just moved a hen and 7 two week olds into the big pen and they love it and everything is going great. This is a perfect opportunity to...
  7. ccflash

    Gave broody some eggs today, anyone else start today?

    I put some eggs under a broody Friday. That is pretty close. Mine is a game hen and I put a bakers dozen under her. I had them and they needed set, probably too many but the last one did well with ten eggs. I will keep an eye on this thread. Kenny
  8. ccflash

    Chick integration

    Since I am new to chickens I have never had to integrate chicks into a flock. I had a broody hatch 7 little ones two weeks ago. I moved them into a brooder pen at about 5 days old. Today I let them into the pen with all the other birds and everything went as smooth as hoped for. I am very...
  9. ccflash

    Broody bailed me out.

    I am very new to chickens, started because the new house we bought had good chicken coop and run already built and she left me 7 chickens. That was in December, now I have 51. I had a little hen went broody a few weeks ago and had my only broody pen in use so I just let her sit in the nest...
  10. ccflash

    1st time to have a broody please

    If you can get a dozen fertile eggs put them under her. That is if you want that many chicks. I know 100 percent hatch rate might not happen but as sure as you didn't want that many it would. If it is still in the first day or two of her sitting I would look around and see if I could find...
  11. ccflash

    Broody Success

    Have had a hen sitting on 10 eggs for the last three weeks. 3 hatched yesterday and 4 more today. They are well taken care of, she is quite a mother. Kenny
  12. ccflash

    No hatch at day 22....should I be worried??

    Today is day 24 on some that I set and have had nothing but issues and I had one hatch and another trying. Don't give up. Kenny
  13. ccflash

    Never give up.

    I have only been a member a little while and only had chickens slightly longer. I set my first batch of eggs in a borrowed incubator and let's just say nothing has went right. Temp drops, temp spikes and on day 19 the incubator quit. Today is day 24 and one hatched this morning on a heat pad...
  14. ccflash

    Need help with Mice~1

    I just had to deal with mice. I set the regular old mouse traps and set a milk crate over them. You can set 6 under there and they will just keep getting in there. I caught 20 in about 36 hours and my problem was solved. Kenny
  15. ccflash

    Is this a Brown Leghorn?

    That is what I was thinking. Thank you for your response. I guess I will need to do some research on the breed. See what crosses are good or if I need to get some brown leghorn hens. Kenny
  16. ccflash

    Is this a Brown Leghorn?

    This is the alpha roo that I got with the house I just bought. He is a great rooster and everybody, including myself, thinks he is beautiful.
  17. ccflash

    crossing a game rooster with a dominic hen

    No these were here when I bought my new house. It may not be. What do you suppose it is. Kenny
  18. ccflash

    crossing a game rooster with a dominic hen

    Here is the rooster that the dominique cross is out of.
  19. ccflash

    crossing a game rooster with a dominic hen

    I have two roosters that are dominique x game. Here is one of them. Hen was dominique, rooster was game.
  20. ccflash

    Show Off Your Games!

    If anyone can tell me what I have I would greatly appreciate the information Kenny
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