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  1. cowlady11

    Rhode Island Red Chicks--Central MA

    Do you still have any available? and where in central mass are you?
  2. cowlady11

    BIN 12+++ Rouen hatching eggs

    I am very interested in crested rouen eggs. Do you still have some available??
  3. cowlady11

    two year old mille fleur d'uccle roo free to good home (MA?)

    I have a two year old mille fleur d'uccle roo that needs a new home asap. I have moved and need to find him a place to go. I am located in Sunderland, MA and am willing to drive a little ways to get him there. No shipping please. Thanks! -picture will be uploaded tonight
  4. cowlady11

    Two week old Light Sussex Chicks. PU only MA

    I have eight light sussex chicks who are 2 weeks old. I am located in Turners Falls, MA and they are only available for pick up, or i can meet you within a reasonable distance. No shipping. i will have pictures up tomorrow. Im asking $2.00/chick. Just pm me if interested!
  5. cowlady11

    10 + Big Beautiful Light Sussex Eggs From Imports

    i have some peeps from your eggs right now!! trying to sit on my hands
  6. cowlady11

    wtb pet quality polish chicks/pullets MA

    how much for four with shipping?
  7. cowlady11

    chick can't stand

    lol yes they do. i have the brooder right next to my couch and everytime one is sleeping, i run over to check and make sure they are still breathing!
  8. cowlady11

    chick can't stand

    one of my jersey giants hatched around 7pm, but still cant stand up...could something be wrong?
  9. cowlady11

    In tears...just cracked an egg - and the accidents continue!

    I have read on here of people sealing the crack with wax and they still hatched out! dont give up!
  10. cowlady11

    wtb pet quality polish chicks/pullets MA

    Hello all! i am looking to buy a few polish chicks or pullets...any color! can anyone help me out, or should i just get some hatchery stock? Thanks!
  11. cowlady11

    what color will she be?

    i just had a few bbs jersey giant chicks hatch, and i wanted to know if its possible to know which color she will be? she did NOT want to stay still for this picture!!
  12. cowlady11

    fancy cold weather breeds?

    so do you think polish could handle a MA winter? I keep them in a horse stall packed with hay and sawdust and the windows covered with plastic so there's no wind...
  13. cowlady11

    fancy cold weather breeds?

    Hello all. my friend is looking to buy a couple of chicks, and would really like something funky looking. At first she was going to get some polish pullets, but then found out they dont fair so well in cold weather... any breed suggestions who can weather a new england winter?? THanks!
  14. cowlady11

    assorted polish eggs

    Hello all! I am looking to buy an assortment of Polish hatching eggs. if you only have one color, that's fine too!!! Let me know!
  15. cowlady11

    12 Assorted YOKOHAMA Eggs

    how do they do in cold weather? could they handle a new england winter?
  16. cowlady11

    Looking for Jersey Giant Chicks in Upstate NY.

    well they aren't out yet..but will be bbs
  17. cowlady11

    Looking for Jersey Giant Chicks in Upstate NY.

    I have some JG eggs due to hatch on tuesday...although im about three and a half hours away
  18. cowlady11

    Kittens- Free- MA/NH area

    you could also try craigslist? there are ALWAYS cats and kittens on there
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