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  1. Remembering Ruthy the RIR

    Remembering Ruthy the RIR

    On this date August 28th, 2018, I lost another little feathered friend. Her name was Ruthy. Ruthy was a Rhode Island Red hen born June 14th, 2012. Yes she is, well, was six years old. She outlived all her sisters and had a great long life. She loved to sleep on the steps in the garage, and...
  2. To My Dear Hen Miss Nutmeg

    To My Dear Hen Miss Nutmeg

    On this day, April 30th 2018, I lost a very good little friend. Her name was Nutmeg who I liked to call Meggy or Meg. Nutmeg was a Buff Orpington hen who loved to perch on my lap, she was always there when I needed a friend, in a form of a chicken, which to some may sound utterly crazy, but to...
  3. ~My Coop~  By MissNutmeg

    ~My Coop~ By MissNutmeg

    Hi Y’all! I thought I’d introduce my flock, Alexander: Breed:Buff Orpington Age: Two yrs Personality:Sweet, Generous, Protective, and a bit sassy. Comments: Alexander is a very docile rooster, but he doesn't exactly enjoy being picked up. It's just heart warming when watching him...
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