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  1. Symphony

    R.I.P. Amigo

    Rest in peace Amigo!
  2. Symphony

    How do I make chicken diapers?

    Can someone give me directions on making chicken/duck diapers?
  3. Symphony

    Lady Marion

    My mother, Lady Marion, has been her for 5 years, yet she doesn't have a '5 years' award. How come?
  4. Symphony

    My bird purse, :P

    I needed something to hold my bantam and duck, so I just had to make a Bird Purse. An old leather purse was used for for this project, also with some pieces of deer leather, and thread. I cut the lining out and cut the zipper in half. Followed by sewing the zipper ends down so the zipper doesn't...
  5. Symphony

    Finish the song's lyrics

    OK, so here is how it goes: Symphony: Oh come Angle Band My latest sun is sinking fast, My race is nearly run; My strongest trials now are past, My triumph is begun. Refrain: Oh, come, angel band, Come and around me stand; Oh, bear me away on your snowy wings To my eternal home; Oh, bear me...
  6. Symphony

    Transporting chickens from SC to NE

    Me and my family are doing a big move and I was wonder; Is it legal for me to take some chickens across from SC to NE?
  7. Symphony

    Old chickens!

    Where the people who have OLD, 5 years plus hens and roosters, talk. Here is my 7 year old Rooster, Amigo: My 6 year old hen, Judge: And my 5 year old hen, Symphony: We gotta respect these old birds.
  8. Symphony

    Spiders and snakes (don't come if your paranoid of them, because there are pics) Come over Redhen!

    Where you talk about spiders and snakes, and post videos and pictures of spiders and snakes. Yesterday I was looking under trash for crickets, and I saw a northern black widow. I never knew northern black widows existed, I'm so glad I didn't touch it. National Spiders day is...
  9. Symphony

    Duckling is sneezing and has heavy breathing

    I have a mallard duckling that is 1 week old. It has been in the house all it's life because we want it to bond to humans. The nights have been in the upper 50's outside, but recently the temperatures drop to the lower 30's. The first couple days I had a 100 watt bulb on it. But that bulb blew...
  10. Symphony

    The new King!

    Hello, as the Queen of GJF of BYC, I have a King, and his name is: Chiko! Please welcome and bow down to your new King!
  11. Symphony

    BYC not fully loading

    This started just today; When I refresh a thread, PM, etc. It only loads just enough to see if there are new messages. I cannot access the smileys or other Rich text format stuff because it doesn't fully load.
  12. Symphony

    For all who voted for me to be Queen!

    Please post here or PM me the picture you want me to draw! Thank you!
  13. Symphony

    Symphony: Queen Campaign speech

    Hello, friends. Em is an evil leader, so I am running. I will destroy the dungeons, and replace them with houses! I will break open the treasures and divide them evenly into each house! The houses will be free and you may take your boys into them! And no one shall be beheaded! Flirting will be...
  14. Symphony


    My mother got me a St. Run Mallard duck yesterday! And I'm allowed to keep it in the house! It already thinks I'm mommy and follows me around!
  15. Symphony

    Is this a good stink eye?

  16. Symphony

    My first hatch!

    I have at least 4 pips out of 8 chicken eggs and today is day 21! I'll be updating this thread as the process goes on, and I'll have some pictures!
  17. Symphony

    LOL! Another Tim Hawkins!

  18. Symphony


    Vanilla is now broody. I just can't believe my baby wants to have babies!
  19. Symphony

    Everyone thinks I'm crazy

    Everyone thinks I'm mean Everyone thinks I'm evil Well.... That's because it's April Fools Day.
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