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  1. vickifiveoh

    ISO Frizzle or Sizzle hatching eggs

    I am looking for Frizzle or Sizzle hatching eggs. Breed is not important. Please let me know what you have along with price of eggs! Thank You in advance!!
  2. vickifiveoh

    Training/Teaching a dog about chickens

    I have a Black Lab that has Never offered to bother my Chickens. She was out one day and they were out and I guess she got a little close to the hens and the Rooster came after her. She goes way out of her way now to stay away from them!
  3. vickifiveoh

    English Black and Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Hatching Eggs(12+)

    I sent a message to your email!!
  4. vickifiveoh

    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    Looking for Jersey Giant Hatching eggs. Would love to have Blue but I am open to other colors!!
  5. vickifiveoh

    Jersey Giant Hatching Eggs

    Looking for Jersey Giant hatching eggs. Blue Preferrably, but will consider other colors. Please send me a PM if you have these. Thank You!!!
  6. vickifiveoh

    The IMPORTED ENGLISH Orpington Thread

    Beautiful!! I don't know who Bryce is, but does he have anymore to sell?
  7. vickifiveoh

    Crochet Chicken Saddle/Apron ?

    Go look at this:
  8. vickifiveoh

    LF Salmon Faverolles hatching eggs for sale 12+ "Buy It Now"

    Will you have some available for shipment on Oct. 7th? I will have room for them then!
  9. vickifiveoh

    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    $20.......They are Beautiful!!!!
  10. vickifiveoh

    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    Thank you so much for your response. I didn't think you should, but I didn't know if there was something I was missing.
  11. vickifiveoh

    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    Has anyone ever added cat food to your feed before fermenting? I am being told to do that.
  12. vickifiveoh

    Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons

    They are BEAUTIFUL!! Do you sell hatching eggs?
  13. vickifiveoh

    Hedemora Fertile Hatching Eggs

    How long will you have these eggs available?
  14. vickifiveoh

    2014 BYC Calendar - Your Pictures Needed! - Submissions Ending 9/30!

    2 Black Copper Maran Hens and a BB Red Roo!!
  15. vickifiveoh

    Fall 2013 Carolina Chickenstock

    Will anyone have any Brahmas or Brahma hatching eggs??
  16. vickifiveoh

    Fall 2013 Carolina Chickenstock

    What do you think you will have for sale?
  17. vickifiveoh

    Incubating Eggs....

    Has anyone ever heard of candling guinea eggs after they have been in the incubator for 10 days and if they are developing, shipping them out. I am wanting some guinea hatching eggs and have been talking to a man that lives close enough to where I could drive and get them and he says that is...
  18. vickifiveoh

    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    Thank You!! I read that is placed!! :)
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