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  1. Flock Runner

    duckling anxiety

    update: I decided that the best option to minimize the chance of predators was to bring the nest inside where it cannot be touched by any other animal. so far, both eggs have pipped internally, but the one that pipped first has started to chirp and tap on the inside of the egg. the mama seems...
  2. Flock Runner

    duckling anxiety

    i accidentally allowed one of my ducks to nest a few eggs too late in the season(i didn't know she had them until they were already developing). only 2 of them are hatching because the others are unfertilized. one of the developing ones pipped earlier today, and i have been checking on it...
  3. Flock Runner

    egg incubator suggestions???

    i'd like to start incubating my own eggs just to see how it goes, so I was looking online for an incubator and found many different types ranging from 20$ to 200$. I only want to try a few, maybe six, eggs. but I couldn't choose an incubator that really fit what I needed. i'd like one with an...
  4. Flock Runner

    Ducklings in critical condition NEED HELP!!!

    first make sure that any cuts that they have are clean to prevent infection. make sure that there is some soft bedding for them to lay on. let them rest for a little while. if they have any internal injuries moving around will only make them worse. they are probably just a little sore and tired...
  5. Flock Runner

    can a duck egg survive with a crack in it?

    this is my first time ever hatching my own egg and i'm very anxious about it because all the others were killed. i'm not quite sure about the exact hatching date but if I had to guess, it would have probably start to pip on its own in about three or four days. i'm worried that the mom might...
  6. Flock Runner

    how to get ducklings to bond to a human

    try separating them into their own individual brooders with only one or two other ducklings. if you keep them all in one big group they will bond with each other more than you. if they are in smaller groups they recognize you as the mother and will probably imprint much better.
  7. Flock Runner

    can a duck egg survive with a crack in it?

    one of my ducks has been sitting on an egg. I came in to check on it and it was knocked out of the nest and up against the fence. there was a small crack/indentation on the egg were it had hit the fence. I think the mom may have kicked it out when getting some water. I candeled the egg and the...
  8. Flock Runner

    my turkey is going bald. why?

    we have been hit by the heat wave and all of my birds are starting to molt. i only have one turkey. he's molting too but his chest has gone completely bald. i don't think thats normal but i don't have anyone else to compare him to. is there a special type of food that i should get my birds while...
  9. Flock Runner

    does separating hens and roos make the roos agressive?

    i have 2 roosters rite now but i dont have enough hens. my hens began getting bald so i separated them from the roosters. i haven't had any problems with my roos. the only thing is that one of my roosters likes to peck at feet which is only a problem if your in sandels. just lately though, he...
  10. Flock Runner

    can you trim spurs?

    i have quick stop which i use for my dog's nails if i cut them too short. but i dont have a dremmel tule. i might leave their spurs alone depending on how they behave with new chickens, but if they get into brawls with birds half their size then i at least want to have an alternative. thanks for...
  11. Flock Runner

    Tips for new Chicks

    when my chicks were that age i began letting them out every once and a while to forage. the girls can also help with this by helping you to watch them. when they're that young its neccasary to keep an eye on them. something that might be fun and help socialize them is have the girls sit on the...
  12. Flock Runner

    can you trim spurs?

    is there a certain length that i should cut them to or should i cut the entire thing off?
  13. Flock Runner

    can you trim spurs?

    i have 2 roos rite now. i am planning on getting more chicks and since i am getting bantams some of them will be straight run. i am confident in my ability to raise tame roos consindering how well my first ones turned out but i doubt that i will be able to avoid fights completely if i introduce...
  14. Flock Runner

    Are nice roos as scarce as hens teeth?

    i've had pretty good luck with my roos. i had 3 in total, 2 hudans and an americauna. one of the hudans is a real butthead and takes a leap at my legs every chance he gets but he suffered a trama with a piece of string and a barn rafter when he was young so its understandable. plus i dont have...
  15. Flock Runner

    how do you keep a constant humidity?

    i want to start hatching some of my eggs. i finally think i saved up enough money for an incubator and an egg turner but how do i keep the humidity at the rite level? i herd somthing about putting a glass of water in there if its too low but what if its too high?or is there an automatic device...
  16. Flock Runner

    Turkey Poults and Chicks together?

    it isn't needed to have chicks to teach them how to eat and drink. i've always done worse with them because the turkey's are prone to getting sick. if they are having trouble learning to eat put some shiny stuff like old jewelry in the food so that they start pecking at it. if they don't know...
  17. Flock Runner

    Sick Chick

    check the bedding to see if it's wet. turkey chicks die very easily if there is too much moister. it's more common than you might think. if that's not it than i don't really know. i only have one turkey and all i know is what i read in a poultry book. i hope that you get E-mailed back about it...
  18. Flock Runner

    how much room does a turkey need? also, how many females per male?

    does that meen about 200 square feet per turkey? also, is there a way to tell male from female when they are babies? a friend of mine has some that he would give me but they're not sexed.
  19. Flock Runner

    how much room does a turkey need? also, how many females per male?

    helloooooooooooo? i feel lonely!
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