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  1. jarvisite99

    Stray cat + Chickens = Angry me!!!!!!!!!

    We have a stray cat that has taken to my old chicken coop and has had babys and my little brothers have taken to them but she has kill some of my bantams they are in a closed coop they can't get out or in, but the cat got them when I let them out for about two hours but you shoud have seen that...
  2. jarvisite99

    NECK PROMLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I have a OEGB with a mesed up neck when I hold it right side up it's head is looking strate at me and when it is on the ground it can't say up and it falls on it's side and it's head is curled up right beside it's wing. Any sugestions I am hand feeding and wataring her so she can live, I...
  3. jarvisite99

    how old do chickens have to be to enter them if poultry shows

    Hi, how old do chickens have to be to enter them if poultry shows? Thanks.
  4. jarvisite99

    would I get per breads?

    I have 3 hamburgs and 6 OEG, one roo of each and I would like the advice of all of you because I would like to know if I can have them in together and if the majority of the chicks would be per bread or all of them. Thanks.
  5. jarvisite99

    Phoenix breeds

    Dose any one now what variateys of pxonix can be shown. Thanks alot, Justin
  6. jarvisite99

    let's see some of your own breeds!!!!!!

    let's see some of your own "breeds!". I have a idea for a breed and want some inspiration for a "one of a kind chicken". (All pics accepted per breed mix's ect.) (P.S. my idea is a silver spindled ham berg mixed with black jersey giants).
  7. jarvisite99

    Where do they molt!

    Where do chickens molt! I just got 5 black jersey giants and the guy told us that 3 of them were in there molt. In their molt do their backs go bare? I don't think their supposed to be molting on their backs, but I know they molt on the neck. Thanks.
  8. jarvisite99

    How do I know if the eggs are fertile?

    Dose any one know if roo's are less likely to fertlise the eggs in the winter as in summer? Thanks for your input.
  9. jarvisite99

    What dose O.E mean?????

    I have a booted bantam O.E and whant to know what it means. Thanks!
  10. jarvisite99

    How old will chickens on average lay till?

    How old will chickens on average lay till? I would like to know if my chickens will lay just as many eggs the first year as the second year? Thanks for your input.
  11. jarvisite99

    can i put my silkie hen with my week old chicks?

    I have a 7 mounth old silkie hen that i whant to puy with some week old chicks is this a good or bad decision? Thanks.
  12. jarvisite99

    Need to know about my hens eggs

    Hi i would like to know if touching my hens eggs will stop them from sitting on them, because i put the eggs from other hens in with its own but i just put them in with my rooster a couple days a go so will they sit on it?
  13. jarvisite99

    Is my roster old enough....

    Hi I have a question for all you chicken loves and know it all's, I have a hamburg rooster and would like to know how old it has to be to reproduce.
  14. jarvisite99

    Is my roster old enough....

    Hi I have a five month old hamburg rooster and I would like to know if it is going to successfully mate and be a father. I would also like to know if crowing means that it is ready to successfully mate.
  15. jarvisite99


    two birds have mites, need to know how to get rid of them!
  16. jarvisite99

    need info on pheasants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can you bread them with cows, pig, or turkey.
  17. jarvisite99

    Can you breed pheasants, turkeys, or quail with chickens?

    Just wanting to make a new pet.
  18. jarvisite99

    Can silkie chicks be put with quail

    I have some silkies that I am going to bread and what to know if you can put the chiks and some soon to have quail together, or if the quail will kill ,or abuse them.
  19. jarvisite99

    chicken killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had 8 hens laying and 5 moth old silkies, but now I only have 7 laying hens and 2 silkes!!!! Can any of you chicken lovers help me with some ideas? I don't now what killed them.
  20. jarvisite99

    need info on silkies!!!!!!!

    Have five silkies and want to know how to tell the roosters from hens?
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