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  1. de kippendame


    I thought I would throw my two cents in. I have raised both hatchery chicks and broody raised (all layers) and have not used medicated feed for either. I do give yogurt here and there, but I'm not very consistent. Both of my hatchery batches developed cocci, I treated w/ a round of Corid...
  2. de kippendame

    Iowa Blue Chickens - Understanding The Traditional Type

    I'm not entirely sure this is the proper place for me to post this, but my questions/comments are specifically about the Iowa Blue and I was hoping to gain some insight from the pros, I apologize in advance if I am guilty of hijacking this thread. A couple weeks ago my neighbor came over and...
  3. de kippendame

    Ready for some meaties but?

    Well isn't that fascinating! I never even thought about blood for the garden! Thank you! :thumbsup
  4. de kippendame

    Ready for some meaties but?

    I still have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers for in searching, there is so much good info on here that I've gathered thus far though! We've had layers for the past 4 years now and like chicken raising goes, we are ready to start raising some meat. Funny how that...
  5. de kippendame

    gender of my barred rocks

    With Barred Rocks, generally speaking, males will be lighter or have more white than black. The females tend to have more black feathers and are darker. It appears to me that you have quite a few cockerels there. The difference in combs/wattles is pretty much a dead give away. The ones that...
  6. de kippendame

    Things you never said until you had chickens.......

    These are great!! I can't stop laughing!! Some things we say around here: "Bernadette, Sweet Pea is in that box right now! Just go in an empty one and quit griping about it!!" "If that darn Black Beard doesn't end up shootin' out some eggs, that little **** is goin' in the stew...
  7. de kippendame

    Is this a hen or rooster? Please Reply

    I would have to say that is a hen close to laying. My RIR roo looked very much like a roo by that age(tall comb, long wattles, long tail feathers, etc.). Get ready for some yummy eggs!! Oh, and
  8. de kippendame

    Whole milk mix for bottle pygmy going bad??

    I figured the buttermilk was starting to do its job! I'll have to stop being so lazy and zap some water instead of the milk! May take a little longer, but oh well! It looks fine cold from the fridge, its just when I warm it in the microwave that it gets cheesy looking. I do only warm what...
  9. de kippendame

    Whole milk mix for bottle pygmy going bad??

    I have a gallon mixed up for our one 12 day old bottle pygmy. Whole milk, buttermilk and evaporated milk(as per recipe found on here/backyardherds). I mixed it up on Monday and its about half gone right now. My question is, how long does it stay(it is in the fridge)? Its looking like its...
  10. de kippendame

    4wk Buff Orps 1 Roo, 1 pullet, 1 dunno? *UPDATED*

    Well, I guess I already knew the answer to my question, maybe it was just wishful thinking! Out of 8 chicks I'm certain there are 5 roos...maybe 6(I have an EE that keeps me guessing). We already have one rooster that was supposed to be a pullet(ordered that way) from last year's batch that...
  11. de kippendame

    4wk Buff Orps 1 Roo, 1 pullet, 1 dunno? *UPDATED*

    OK, here they are now at 7wks. The obvious roo I feel is still all roo so we have named him, Buford. The one I've suspected to be a pullet I would have to say is for sure a pullet. Now, the one I've been questioning still keeps me guessing. He/she usually roosts next to Buford and another...
  12. de kippendame

    6 1/2 week old black sex link cockerel or pullet?

    Ya, that is definitely a pullet. All 3 of my Black SL hens have red on their chests. This is a picture of our BSL Rooster, he is 7 weeks. As a previous post stated, BSL are commonly crossed w/ a Barred Rock and the males hatched from them have a Barred Rock look while the pullets are...
  13. de kippendame

    7 week EE gender help please

    This is our first year with EE so I am still learning their characteristics and such. I think I have one Roo and one pullet, but I'd like your opinions please! This one I suspect is a roo. I was told around 4 weeks that he may be a pullet, but he's much bigger than the other one, his beard...
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