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  1. ChookRanger

    size of eggs

    Absolutely normal. New layers might even lay tiny eggs without a yolk for a little while. Also, some hens just lay smaller eggs..
  2. ChookRanger

    How and when to get chickens to start using nesting boxes?????

    They may start laying eggs outside the nest but usually they know what to do. I always liked to put golf balls or ceramics eggs in the nests just to give them the right idea. Not sure they need it, or even if it helps but that is what a lot of folks do.
  3. ChookRanger

    Toolshed Coop

    It is looking really great so far.Thanks for the pictures and updates!
  4. ChookRanger

    Yet another 'name my coop' post

    Maybe a theme based on the color you plan to paint it, or maybe based on some other quirk. If you used Pallets to make it you could go with "The Pallet Pullet Palace" or if you used scrap you could go with "Happy Scrappy Henhouse" something like that. anyhow just some suggestions.
  5. ChookRanger

    Toolshed Coop

    Nice start! Please post many pictures. Don't forget to get a lot of hardware cloth to keep out predators!
  6. ChookRanger

    8 days old Today

    My barred rocks were friendly as babies, kinda snotty as teenagers and are cuddly as full grown hens. Of the barnyard mix that I hatched last year none of the girls were friendly and my favorite,Rocket, was the friendliest. No roosters for me so my little buddies had to go. I.m.o. they each...
  7. ChookRanger

    Do Nosy Neighbours Count As Pests?

    That sure is an ugly cat.
  8. ChookRanger

    ENDED - WINNERS ANNOUNCED - Official BYC Contest - Worst Chicken Molt Pictures - Fall/Winter 2015

    I love these pictures. I laugh at my girls whenever they molt cause they look so funny. (It's ok to laugh cause it is perfectly natural for them to look like that)
  9. ChookRanger

    Do Nosy Neighbours Count As Pests?

    Hi Zeil. Sorry about your weird neighbors. I'm not sure I have anything new to add to this discussion but here is my 2 cents: I think the torches in the rain might be nightcrawler or mushroom collecting, but who knows. I would probably sit in the back yard and clean some guns or sharpen a...
  10. ChookRanger

    Information Overload: Help Please

    Some say there are health benefits to fertile eggs, but I am unconvinced. However, if you have fertile eggs you can sell them on Craigslist or Ebay to people who want to hatch chicks or you could hatch some yourself. Some roosters crow infrequently while others crow constantly. You might have...
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