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  1. Awtandrockss Chicken Coop

    Awtandrockss Chicken Coop

    Heres a few quick pictures of my coop progress over the weekend. Posts in it's 12' x 8' Perlins up! Showing my skills! I wear that nail bag like I was born with it :) . My little helper Wire up. The picture doesn't do it justice, it has more bubbles in it than a hot tub full of...
  2. awtandrocks

    Where does MPC......

    My order from MPC came from Connecticut as well. All them were sexed correctly and I have some beautiful Barred Rocks to show for it!
  3. awtandrocks

    Lost my first chicken.. PIC (Somewhat Graphic)

    Quote: It looks like something did eat some of it, and I took better pictures and you can see a egg that was probably about to be laid laying next to it also. I don't think I have ever seen a dog in my backyard in the 3 1/2 years I've lived here but it's possible.
  4. awtandrocks

    Lost my first chicken.. PIC (Somewhat Graphic)

    Well this is a bummer. I forgot to lock my chickens up last night for only the second time since I've had them and now ones dead today! Honestly I don't know if it was during the night or not because the way my coop is designed they go thru the covered run thru a 16" x 16" pop door and up onto a...
  5. awtandrocks

    Ikea Chicken Coop. VOTE FOR US!!!

    Very sharp looking.. I voted.
  6. awtandrocks

    Best Hatchery?

    My only experience is with MPC and I got just what I ordered 8 hens 2 roosters all healthy and active when they arrived and they are now laying their first eggs at 21 weeks. The nice thing about MPC is how few you can order and they are packaged superbly.
  7. awtandrocks

    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    Got my first on 01/06/2010 right where they are supposed to be. it was tasty
  8. awtandrocks

    The Wait is Getting to me...

    I'm wondering if it might be changes in their feed because I had switched them to Layena pellets and they didn't seem to like them much and I just switched back to Dumor crumbles 12/30.
  9. awtandrocks

    Help!!! Agressive Roo...big Daddy...DREW BLOOD PIC. ON 3RD PAGE

    I have two BR Roos that are about 21 weeks old. One is a little bigger than the other and appears to be the dominant Roo but is much friendlier to us and the hens. The other Roo is kinda standoffish and is always jumping the hens real rough like until the bigger Roo runs over there then he just...
  10. awtandrocks

    The Wait is Getting to me...

    Thanks, Yes I've done a bit of poking around in the bushes that they frequent with no luck and I've also left them in the coop&run all day a few times to see but to no avail.
  11. awtandrocks

    feed--Purina Layena or Dumor layer?

    My chooks aren't laying yet but I'll voice my observations on feeding. I started my chicks on Dumor because thats what TSC carried and they liked that, then I decided to support my local feed store and he sold FRN crumbles and had no problems there, then the local guy went out of business and...
  12. awtandrocks

    How much are you charging/where do you live?

    I don't have any eggs to sell yet, but reg store bought eggs where I live run 1.99 and if you want to buy organic cage free the are 3.99 so if I were to sell I think I would target the latter price... thats what they are equivalent to right?
  13. awtandrocks

    The Wait is Getting to me...

    My eight Plymouth Barred Rock hens are over 20wks old now and still haven't laid me a single egg yet. Grrr Most of them have real red combs and wattles and some of their combs are getting really big as well... can't say I've really heard the egg song much but I don't have much time to stay home...
  14. awtandrocks

    OMG!!! First Game Cam pic ever. Huge Funny thread

    Puma... Just because I like to say that word... Florida Panthers are shaped more like that, thicker bodied shorter legs...
  15. awtandrocks

    Detect preditors; pay attention to Blue Jays.

    My chickens listen to the Blue Jays and head for cover when they go crazy. meriruka... I think you just like to say Murder of Crows!!
  16. awtandrocks

    The BYC Game Cam Thread (Add Your Own Pics!)

    Quote: Nice gun! I've got the same one... Get yourself some bulk packs of .22 for practice (the 10/22 will eat about any ammo) and get some CCI MiniMags for the hunt... Good Luck!!!
  17. awtandrocks

    best load for coyoties

    Any of the listed guns will kill a coyote but most of the time you will need something can reach out and touch from a little father away. Depending on what SKS you have and how accurate it is I think it would be your best option.
  18. awtandrocks

    another predator down..possible graphic

    Thats a big un... good catch.
  19. awtandrocks

    Looky what I caught in my duck pen

    Quote: Drink some coffee and read the thread again. (She is going to drown the coon first and THEN use the carcass to train the dogs. ) But Wifezillaaaaaaa (you are going to have to imagine the whine yourself)- I understand she is going to train the dog (1 dog - a single GSD) on dead...
  20. awtandrocks

    eggs this winter?

    I'm in the same boat as you. My BRs were born Aug 10th... I'm hoping that being as I'm in Florida they will start laying in the winter.
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