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  1. iamsara

    Automatic coop door opener/closer, chickens stuck outside at night

    wow, i dont know.. all of mine go inside the coop right before sunset... if they are new to the coop and you maybe put foos and or water inside without dinner outside and or something to attract them inside.. they should go in by themselves once they know its their home... good luck! man i want...
  2. iamsara

    Sleeping in nest boxes and broken eggs

    Hi, I noticed mine eating the eggs occasionally.. then I realized they were molting and 'needed; the extra protein.. So i gave them some cooked beef ( like worms!) and made sure they got more food. then all of the sudden... No more eating/broken shelled eggs!
  3. iamsara

    comb/waddle color ???

    hi! i dont the scientific answer, but ive noticed it too.. i think it has to do with nutrients and what theyve eaten, or not. it seems better to not look like dry skin kind of colour, but more red and shiny even. maybe more will post later on blessings have fun!
  4. iamsara

    Stopping dominant hen "crowing"

    you'll start noticing a variety of noises/calls/clucks over time. ive noticed the im laying an egg call can be loud. or its the get off the nest, girl ive got to get there to lay! also the predator watch call is wuite loud, but totally different sounds.. its cool how they Do communicate w us...
  5. iamsara

    Ameraucana lays brown eggs?

    Hi there! when the grass grew in the winter (rains) the hens had alot of grass to eat. then volia! greenish eggs! if u have access to grass let then forage/eat, or even just pick some and toss it over and see what happens~~`
  6. iamsara

    Hatch help please - pic included!

    Hi, Im new, just had my first hatch. i read a bunch on here, u could possibly do a search too.. but it seems that prematurely getting out the shell is bad. the remaining placenta stuff/yolk is absorbing and since she can breathe it might be ok. mine took btw 12 hours to hatch to two days. maybe...
  7. iamsara

    How do u all get Chicks to eat the yogurt?

    awesome, thanks for the ideas! I thought it was weird they didnt go right for it, as the older hens absolutely love yogurt! its so cute the noises they make. I Did put it on a white jar top! thats funny about colour. i will change it and see if they see it better. interesting. i will try the...
  8. iamsara

    How do u all get Chicks to eat the yogurt?

    Hello all~~ My chicks are only 6 almost 7 days old. i had a pasty butt chick and am concerned to get yogurt into her. it was an ordeal to get the dried poops off her and dont want to do it tomorrow! When i put 2 diffferent samples in there, hours later no go. they dont like it. firstly, plain...
  9. iamsara

    PASTY BUTT!!!!! HELP!!!!

    thank u as well, i searched also and found some info. I just soaked her butt in peroxide and she was screaming. it took awhile to get the dried poop off. Then i wondered if it was itchy, so i soaked her real quick in some warm water, to rinse the peroxide off. her vent, or something, is...
  10. iamsara

    I heard an egg peeping- now what?

    if its possible for you to put up a temporary fence or block off that part of the coop shes in, that would be worth th effort. all could be fine too without, but its highly beeter odds to have her and the chicks separated. Ive learned a lot on this forum! also make sure u put the eggs back under...
  11. iamsara

    How long after Peeps does Pip come? should i be worried?

    hi everyone! I have 2 hatched and one more pip so far! yeah:celebrate its so cool and amazing. I hope some more catch up but who knows. 3 out of 18 at day 21.5. they are the marans, the ameraucanas didnt pip at all so far.. thanks to all on this forum! many great ideas and insight! blessings~
  12. iamsara

    How long after Peeps does Pip come? should i be worried?

    omgosh there is one pip! and its shaking a bit. the only thing is the thermometor is on top of it.. its the kind of one taped onto a piece of plastic that come w the hoping it will shae right out from under and all is well. Its making alot of peeps now too! this is exactly 21...
  13. iamsara

    How long after Peeps does Pip come? should i be worried?

    thank u! i keep running in there... anything?? lol its 21 days tonight so i guess all is well! omgosh my heart! thanks good luck too!
  14. iamsara

    How long after Peeps does Pip come? should i be worried?

    Hello everyone! my first hatch! I woke up in the middle of the night to some peeps then they were quieter, now its been 15 hours or so. Im wondering how long after initial peeps does pip come? I searched here, but didnt find the answer.. thanks so much in advance. my heart is pumping! New Mom!
  15. iamsara

    How do I introduce my dogs to my chickens/chicks?

    our do at first wanted to eat the pullets, but after repeated yelling at her, she is now content to just stare and leave them alone! i hope that continues!! she is outside without any supervision and hasnt 'done it'. its been 7months so far. i dont know how shell be w the lil chicks tho! i...
  16. iamsara

    One of my chicks did the cutest thing!

    omgosh thats so cute! im having my first chicks come soon and cant wait for something cool to happen! have fun!
  17. iamsara

    My new babies (w/ pics) :D

    aww cute! maybe give the other ones more time? good luck!
  18. iamsara

    Broody Black Cochin?

    springtime! i have also a black cochin brooding! shes been on there for 2 months! it took us awhile to get some fertile eggs.. but now its 5 days to go til hatch!! good luck, why not put some fertile eggs under her or some day old chicks, at night? there is a ton of brrody threads on here, maybe...
  19. iamsara

    Ideas for Coop Instead of hay or Straw... Sand? shavings? what works?

    thanks so much! I called around for sand and we are trying it out as soon as he gets all the hay outta there! question.. is it important to have a door covering for that open wall in the coop?? it sounds like a dumb question sorta, but thinking ahead if we do cut-out the wall section.. thank u!
  20. iamsara

    Best feeder to prevent waste??

    i add water too to the pellets! they still waste tho.. if i put that mix on the ground they eat it, but in a dish they dont! I am going to try the longer trough again, but before when i used it they didnt eat! so thats when i started putting it on the ground. ugh guess they are fussy or scared...
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