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  1. HennyPenny2019

    First chicks coming soon!

    Finally, after many chickenless months, I will be picking up my new chicks. I’ve thought about this, studied on BYC, read and read, made a notebook of everyone’s great ideas, hints and helps, and tried to be patient. We recently bought a new house outside the city limits on 2.5 acres and I will...
  2. HennyPenny2019

    Chickens on a slope

    There is a portion of my new yard that is on a slope, not real steep, but definitely hard to mow. My question is this, is there a reason that I couldn’t site the coop on the level part of the yard but build the run incorporating the not too useable slope?
  3. HennyPenny2019

    Friendliest Chickens

    well, I am finally getting close to getting my chickens We move to our new home in May. Only 2.5 acres so I’ll only be getting a few but since they will mainly be pets (with benefits :) My question is this ... ok 2 questions ... since my space is small, should I get a Bantam breed, but more...
  4. HennyPenny2019

    Really Basic Newbie Info

    I have been devouring all the info on this site in preparation for the day when we make our move and I finally get my chickens (woo hoo). My question(s) are these ... where (how?) do I find breed specific (Wyandotte) quality chicks? And can I get sexed chicks? I would be ok with one rooster but...
  5. HennyPenny2019

    Still a chicken hope to be

    After a life of intown living, my husband is retiring (again) next year and we will finally start living my dream. Moving to the country and getting chickens is part of that. I am trying to spend this year educating us on as many aspects of this as I can.
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