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  1. NinjaRooster

    Thread for Joe...

    ...Joe mama. (you know who you are)
  2. NinjaRooster

    Return of those who are Returning

    I'll keep it short and sweet: They don't like us, so don't push their buttons. Follow the BYC rules. (In a nutshell: No cussing No inappropriate topics No bulling No breaking the rules. Don't post your age. Don't be a troll. Don't be obnoxious.) No name calling and No calling by name...
  3. NinjaRooster

    The Society of Weird People

    Lets step back and talk about how normal we all are. But for that matter, lets consider that weirdness is completely based on perspective. Okay, so is normalness.
  4. NinjaRooster

    The calm, quiet, and sane.

    Ok, time to balance things out. This is where all of the sane, level headed, calm people hangout. Rule #1 This is my thread. Keep it chill.
  5. NinjaRooster

    Valentines day haters group.

    This thread is run by scriptkiddieJR and me, Ninjarooster. So we are just going to talk about random stuff. Most of which will be centered around our non liking for the particular day of which this thread is titled. Rules: No name calling. No serious arguments. If you have a problem, use...
  6. NinjaRooster

    NinjaRooster's extremely talkative chat thread.

    Greetings, ya'll. well, you know what to do... start talking.
  7. NinjaRooster

    Post Random Song Lyrics

    Title says it all, any random lyrics will be fine. (Just keep it clean, and appropriate) Also, just a line or two, not the whole song. Funny how it goes in a moment so close...
  8. NinjaRooster

    Rate Tomorrow With an Emoticon.

    Just like all the other "Rate ____ with an Emoticon" Threads. Only this time we are rating how things look tomorrow!
  9. NinjaRooster

    Go big or keep it small?

    I'm wondering if i could get some opinions on whether I should stick with my coop original plan or adjust the design and go full scale/ish. This is my current coop. It's about 2' x 4' and is way too small for my needs! I'm in the process of building an addition to the bottom of...
  10. NinjaRooster

    Just broke out of my shell!

    Howdy y'all. I probably shouldn't be posting in the middle of the night, but I couldn't help it. I've been hooked on chickens since 2011 when I built an incubator and hatched my first flock. Right now I'm trying to make my small immovable tractor/coop a bit larger. Since this place is chicken...
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