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  1. badmsm

    Mixing Breeds in the Flock

    We have six different breeds together, plus three dogs and 10K bees. No problems! :)
  2. badmsm

    Chickens with colds?

    I went to let me ladies out this morning, and four of them are wheezing, coughing and shaking their heads. I live in Central Valley, CA, where we have had a warmer than usual, VERY dry winter- it's drought conditions already. I don't see any mucus or swelling around the eyes, but one of the...
  3. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    After SEVERAL changes, reversals and a lot of prayers, Miss Chicken is REALLY on the road to recovery! Eating, drinking on her own, and just starting to walk again (she is SO skinny!), but back to her plucky self again. I took this picture yesterday while she was out walking in the yard. You can...
  4. badmsm

    Garden Composting: Is it safe to compost tomato plants if I want to let my hens to forage the compos

    I have a compost bin, but I will be spreading the contents out in my veggie beds in early spring. The peeps are supposed to do an excellent job of turning it, removing any bad bugs, and adding some fertilizer of their own. ;)
  5. badmsm

    Garden Composting: Is it safe to compost tomato plants if I want to let my hens to forage the compos

    Thanks for the replies. I'll just get them in the pile then. :)
  6. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    Little Miss Chicken is doing much better. Drinking a LOT more, eating a bit here and there. Takes her time out in the yard, but settled in for a nice dust bath today (she found a spot where the dogs were digging for gophers!). Still a bit sleepy, but color is coming back to her comb and wattles...
  7. badmsm

    Garden Composting: Is it safe to compost tomato plants if I want to let my hens to forage the compos

    On the West Coast, just had the first hard freezes, so want to compost the plants I lost or that were already spent. Is it OK to put my tomato plants in the composter if I plan to let my hens into the pile later on? Are there other plants I should avoid composting that may harm my hens? Thanks!
  8. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    Yes, we live in strange times when we have to be so careful about what we eat. Too bad we can't raise our own fish, too. I will check the package of fish in the freezer. Thank you for your help. :)
  9. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    Thanks for your help. The runt of our flock just LOVES garlic, so I am hoping this bird will eat some, too. The page mentioned offering fish- would canned tuna be OK? I do have some tilapia in the freezer. Raw or cooked? Thanks for the prayers also. :)
  10. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    Just another update. We just gave her the last injection for this cycle. How long should we wait before we start again, if she does not improve? How long should it take for the antibiotics to kick in? This is our 6th day. We let her outside for a bit to exercise when it is warm enough. She...
  11. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    Dear SpeckledHills, She has been very sleepy since receiving the injections, I am hoping that is a good thing and the medicine is working. Thank you for your prayers. I am very new to this, so I am praying very hard that she gets well again. I am hoping it will warm up enough later so she can...
  12. badmsm

    Chicken penicillin dosage

    I am giving one of our hens a shot tonight. She was egg bound and I think the egg broke inside he before she passed it. I wasn't home when she did, we only know she passed it because she was by herself in the cage eating the last bits of egg shell. After that she was VERY happy, jumping around...
  13. badmsm

    rubbery eggshell?

    Wow, am I relieved! Just found a rubber egg in the nest box, first one from our flock. Think it might be from the runt, she just started laying, the others started about 8 weeks ago. We have had the oyster shell out for them, have to refill it every other day!
  14. Eggs cleaned up.

    Eggs cleaned up.

  15. They are not jumbo eggs.

    They are not jumbo eggs.

  16. These will wait in the fridge so my kids can see them when they get home.

    These will wait in the fridge so my kids can see them when they get home.

  17. Got Eggs?

    Got Eggs?

    Our girls started laying eggs today! They are four months old. Take a look. <3
  18. badmsm

    Comment by 'badmsm' in article 'Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!'

    Do you have a picture of a properly ventilated coop? We have and A-frame tractor with 3- 3 inch vents on both ends (6 total- nesting box areas), and four wall panels that remove for cleaning. We live in the Central Valley, CA, so we have hot summers and cold winters, high winds and tuhle fog. I...
  19. badmsm

    Comment by 'badmsm' in article 'Using Sand In Your Chicken Coop'

    We are using sand in the perching area of our new coop. Works great so far, easy to clean and low smell.
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