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  1. tigercreek

    another genetics question

    What is the best way to create a wild silver colored, super blue egg layer? I have black Ameraucana and white leghorns. I do not know if the leghorns are dominate or recessive. Thanks up front....stan
  2. tigercreek

    Slowly losing chickens!!

    About every 2 to 4 weeks I have an adult chicken start to lose their balance, and walk around like a drunk. The next day they will be down and not able to stand. The next day it will be dead. I have lost 6 or 8 over the last 3 months or so. I gave the last 2 antibiotic injections and it seemed...
  3. tigercreek

    black eye??

    She has a wet discharge and a black scale around her eye. She has a good appetite ans in acting normal. It seems larger today and I noticed it on the other eye today also. She is in isolation, and could be culled, she is in the layer flock. Anyone have an idea?? Thanks for any help. ..........stan
  4. tigercreek

    redwood cabinet incubator help

    I just got an anitque Montgumery Ward iincubator and would really appreciate some help in getting it up and running under control. It is a 6 tray model and it has 2 wafer switches on the top. They both have a tag that says turn clockwise to lower temp. There are 4 adjustable vents on top and 2...
  5. tigercreek

    Searching for posts by a user

    When i click on a post by a user under their profile, I am taken to the last post in that thread. Is there a way to go directly to the posts that the user has made without searching the entire post?? Thanks for any help to this non geek. ..stan Sorry, I got it!! What a dummy!!
  6. tigercreek

    Quarantine question

    I just brought home 3 pullets and a cockerel from a trusted breeder. I have them in a quarantine pen with good seperation from the other birds. I would like to intergrate them as soon as possible and was thinking that I could put one of the cull pullets from my flock in with them to be sure...
  7. tigercreek

    pullet changing color??

    I don't know where to ask this, because I don't know what is causing it, genetics, diesease, or some feed or vitamin problem. This is a pic of a 7 month old Australorp pullet that was black until a month or so ago. I thought maybe she was moulting, but her condition does not seem to be changing...
  8. tigercreek

    weekly hatches??

    If my hens start to lay again, we hope to begin hatching eggs. How do you manage weekly hatches? Do we need a brooder for each weeks hatch, or at what age can we begin to intergrate them? I am not looking forward to having 8 brooders going. thanks. ......stan
  9. tigercreek


    duplicate post deleted, sorry
  10. tigercreek

    breeding different lines???

    I have read in several places that you should not cross different lines of birds. Can anyone tell me why? I would think that the added diversity would be a good thing if the two lines were of equal quality. I can understand if you have a very strong line with a large number of birds, and don't...
  11. tigercreek

    Be this Boy, or be this girl??

    The old lady up the road thinks this is a cockerel, I hope so, but I think pullet. Whay say Ye?? I think it's @ 20 weeks old, and had a pink/reddish comb from 4 weeks old. $5 dollar bet on wheather it crows or lays!
  12. tigercreek

    Scares me every time I see this,

    I am starting to think they do it just to be messin' with me!! I al ready have a heart condition........ Getting some sun, right, it's over 90 degrees out there!! ...........stan
  13. tigercreek

    Guard dog?? Really??

    Looks like she is guarding the appetizers!, but she is watching her babies. ........stan
  14. tigercreek

    Moldy looking comb?? What is it??

    Can anyone help identify this?? And tell me what I need to do if I need to treat it?? Just noticed it on a couple of hens combs. It does not seem to be bothering them, but egg production is off. Don't know if that is related. Thanks. .......stan
  15. tigercreek

    crazy layers!!

    First day we have gotten 5 eggs. Got 3 at once from these nutso girls!! It's 90* !! Someone move over to the EMPTY box!! .............stan
  16. tigercreek

    Friends first egg

    I split a chick order with a friend of mine back in Feb. She got 3 eggs today, her first. She called her educated, lawyer husband to tell him. First thing he asked was "how can that be?, we don't have a rooster". I have heard the stories, but wasn't sure I believed them. This guy is a self...
  17. tigercreek

    63 eggs set !! OH NO !!!!

    Am I crazy?? Just set 63 eggs and I have a ton of chickies running around now looking for a place to stay. Got a deal on 32 Silver Penciled Rocks from Wynette, (terrific packing by the way, been wanting these for a long time), to go with 25 show quality Australorp from BA Bulldogs, and 6 of my...
  18. tigercreek

    cleaning shipped eggs??

    We just received 3 dozen shipped eggs, and 11 were broken, some in each of the 3 cartons. My wife picked them up at the post office and gently wiped them. Is there any thing else we can do ? There is still some dried yolk on most of them. I have some Oxine that I think it might be worth spraying...
  19. tigercreek

    WTB Quality Australorp eggs or chicks

    Do not need to be show quality, I'm more interested in friendly birds that are good layers. I can pick up chicks in the southeast, or have eggs shipped. ..........stan
  20. tigercreek

    sandbox fun!!

    My 2 week olds babies are lovin the sandbox!!! ........stan
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