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  1. jywel417

    Speckled Sussex 4 Weeks

    So about a month ago I got new chicks to raise and pick 4 to keep as my Marietta City Chickens. 5 were supposed to be sexed by the breeder (not an exact science) and 5 were straight run. This Sussex was sold as a puller but now I wonder. I haven't raised chicks in years so I come to the...
  2. jywel417

    Looking for Polish, Brahma, Orpingtons near Atlanta

    Located in Marietta, work in Roswell. I am looking for standard sized Polish chicks, Orpington chicks, or Brahma chicks. Thank you! I am excited to be able to get back into chickens , I have missed mine !
  3. jywel417

    Hatching Guinea Eggs, Day 30 no pipping.....

    Hey everyone!! I am hatching some guinea eggs, am on Day 30 and have no pips yet.....when should I get concerned??
  4. jywel417

    Guineas for Tick Control

    Hey Everyone! I haven't posted on here in ages but I am out in the country again and am having major issues with ticks this year. I was wondering if a flock of 30 guineas could successfully survive and free range 5 acres of woods if they were provided shelter at night or would they just get...
  5. jywel417

    Please Help- Pet Rescue Festival!

    Hey Guys, a festival I organize in East Tennessee to promote responsible pet ownership is up for a Pepsi Refresh grant. We need to be in the top 20 by the end of June to receive the funding and are sitting around the 27-29 mark. I am begging you all, my fellow chicken lovers and pet addicts...
  6. jywel417

    Bulb Failure = Failed Hatch?

    Hey Guys, Sometime in the middle of the night Thursday my bulb in my incubator died. Go figure, Friday morning i woke up late so forgot to check the incubator before going to work, came home at 1 for lunch and the incubator was down to 79 degrees so I put a new bulb back in and it got back up...
  7. jywel417

    Any Clue on these 2 bantams ?

    Got these out of the assorted bantam bin, they are about 2, **maybe** 3 weeks old now. I still have no clue what they are! I think the white/grey/splash one may be some kind of OEG bantam but idk on the black one (who is now getting some dark brown in his wings . . . ) Bantam #1 Bantam #2
  8. jywel417

    Buttercup and Polish Sexing

    Hello all! It may be too early to tell but was wondering if anyone could guess the genders on my 4 week old buttercup and polish chicks Buttercup: Buff Laced Polish #1 Buff Laced Polish #2 Tolbunt Polish (my fav looks rooish to me the way he is growing in *sigh*)
  9. jywel417

    SLW and Buttercup Chicks ~4 weeks old Sex Question :/

    Another Sexing Question I got these guys as SR chicks from a local breeder and I am afraid both my SLW are roos So I thought I would consult the pros ! Thanks! SLW #1 SLW #2 Buttercup
  10. jywel417

    EE Genders, Help Please! (lots of pictures)

    Okay, so I was supposed to have all pullets but we know how that works! I have a couple I am wondering if they aren't roosters so I thought I would get an opinion here! EE #1 EE #2 EE #3 EE #4 EE #5 EE #6
  11. jywel417

    Incubation for Dummies

    Okay guys, I know there is a site/link here somewhere but my brain is fried. What is the temperature I want my incubator to maintain before setting my chicken eggs to incubate?
  12. jywel417

    ~6 or 7 week old Golden Sebright Gender Question

    Hello All! I have a little Golden Sebright here, about 6 or 7 weeks old now and was wondering if anyone had any guesses on pullet vs roo? Thank you!
  13. jywel417

    Bantam Breeds (sorry, yes another batch :/)

    Here are a few more assorted bantams I got from TSC, all clean legged and I wondered if anyone cared to guess as to what they might be? Thanks and here we go! #1 (looks like some splash colored chicks i've had) #2 #3 (littlest of the bunch, black with angry eyebrows)
  14. jywel417

    Cochin Colors?

    Hello Guys! Here are a few bantam cochins I got from TSC (I am assuming they are cochin and you know what they say about assuming . . . . Anyways, I was wondering color guesses? Thanks ! #1 #2 #1 on Left, #2 on Right #3 #4 #5 & 6
  15. jywel417

    Mystery Chicks

    Here are some Mystery Chicks I got at TSC. Two of them are the yellow typical of white chickens but with red faces out of the "assorted pullets bin" the red one is a sick one given to me today which has perked right up, so I assume it came out of the assorted red pullets bin, but I don't know...
  16. jywel417

    Little Mystery Chick. . . .

    I got this guy out of the Assorted Bantams Bin at TSC and have no clue what he/she is. Any guesses? Thanks guys !
  17. jywel417

    Update Splash Orpingtons ~8 Weeks, original and new pics

    I have a pair of Splash Orpingtons and was wondering on possible gender. I think I have a rooster and a pullet but not sure! #1 (possible roo?) #2 (possible pullet?) Both Side by Side, She is on left and is much smaller for same hatch date. They came from a local breeder as...
  18. jywel417

    Another Batch of Assorted Bantams, Breed/Color Help Please!

    I got some more bantams at TSC today and was wondering if anyone had guesses on breeds/colors! Thank you! Chick #1 Feathered Legs, Muffs, and Snow White w/2 black spots Chick #2 Chick #3 Chick #4 (mille fleur d'uccle maybe?) Chick #5 (bantam sultan?) Chick #6...
  19. jywel417

    Assorted Bantam Bin Fun :)

    Hey Guys, I got these 6 little guys out of the assorted bantam bin. I was hoping one was a d'anvers as I got one a few years ago but I think it is a Gold Laced Sebright. The other 5 I am guessing d'uccle and possibly Mille Fleur though the white is only prominent on a couple of them. Anyways...
  20. jywel417

    Trying to Legalize Chickens in Oak Ridge, TN

    I know there is a lot of information on here about getting chickens legalized but I was hoping that maybe you all could point me in a direction to get started. About a year ago some people tried to get chickens (hens) legalized in the city of Oak Ridge, TN but it failed. Since then I have...
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