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  1. barrelmom

    Is your flock NPIP certified?

    I did it recently. For me, the best part was getting to know the tester. He was great and a wealth of great info.
  2. barrelmom

    Snakes!.... *graphic*

    I live in Central Texas and I've seen lots of snakes this year - much more than usual. I have two Australian Shepherds and when they are barking like crazy I know they've cornered a snake. All mine have been tiny grass snakes - thankfully!
  3. barrelmom

    emergency incubator?? Egg cheeping!

    My mother in law hatched eggs inside a laundry basket with the desk lamp for heat. She incubated many many eggs this way with great success.
  4. barrelmom

    Marans Thread - breed discussion & pictures are welcome!

    I have three Black Copper Marans Hens and a Black Copper Marans Rooster and I'd love to get some feedback on their quality. Honesty will not hurt my feelings as I am simply curious as to their "quality" in order to begin learning about this breed. All are approximately 6-7 months old. Thanks...
  5. barrelmom

    BYC Trivia Challenge! April 3, 2011 - Win a free GFM!

  6. barrelmom

    electric fencing

    I have a twin wire about 6" off the ground and another about 4' off the ground around my coop. Periodically everything gets shocked around here - chickens, kids, dogs, cats, me, etc. It isn't a problem and doesn't hurt...much. I had a three week old chick get shocked the other day. It was fine!
  7. barrelmom

    Run Opinions Wanted

    terry's chicks : I don't hear much about running electric wire around the perimeter? Is that effective against most predators? I have electric wire along the outside of my run. One strand is about 6" off the ground and the other is about 36" off the ground. It works well - I live out in the...
  8. barrelmom

    Borrowing a Roo for fertilization?

    Quote: What do you mean by a certified flock? Do you mean NPIP certification or is there some other type of certification? Thanks!
  9. barrelmom

    Egg Candlers - any reviews on these?

    Part of the reason we incubate is to be able to watch the development of the eggs. While I wouldn't say that money is no object, I would like to find the best candler I can and am willing to spend up to about $100. Being able to see inside black Copper Marans eggs would be a huge plus. I...
  10. barrelmom

    My HovaBator is missing somthing! please help!

    I think you could use anything that would plug up the hole - a piece of tape or a paper towel. I would imagine it would be good enough until they can ship out a replacement part.
  11. barrelmom

    Best place to get incubator

    I purchased my from GQF and it arrived within about 5 days. I found with shipping that they had the best prices.
  12. barrelmom

    Kdgn teacher needs help

    For posters and other resources check out Murray McMurray Hatchery for their Embryology in the Classroom section (
  13. barrelmom

    3 or 4 Sides?

    I live outside of Austin and I have a three sided coop. It works great. During this last cold spell I hung two heat lamps above the roost and had no problems. Ours is situated with the solid wall facing north to block the cold winds. I suspect that my birds would have been fine with no heat...
  14. barrelmom

    Processed my first chickens today...

    A friend gave us two CornishX's that they purchased for a 4-H project. The wing bands had fallen off and therefore weren't eligible to be shown so he gave them to me. They were about 10 weeks old. This was my first time processing completely on my own - I've helped my husband do a pig and...
  15. barrelmom

    How do Your Hovabators hold Temp/Humidity?

    My 1588 does a great job. I do have to refill the humidity trays, but I attribute that more to the dry air where I live than the incubator.
  16. barrelmom

    New Coop in the Barn...Way too many pics!

    Great setup! Thanks for all the pics. I particularly liked to see Jack.
  17. barrelmom

    How old do you think they are? (PICTS) RIR's

    I was just outside looking at my 5 week old RIR's and they look almost identical. In the past I think I buying production reds when I *thought* I was buying RIRs, because these RIRs look very different and have the cutest yellow looking faces.
  18. barrelmom

    What you don't know about coyotes can hurt your......

    Quote: See my avatar picture. I love my donkey Violet. She, however, does not like dogs much at all. She tolerates my little terrier mix, but once tried to seriously stop an annoying yappy dog that a friend brought over. I was a bit bummed that she missed to tell you the truth!
  19. barrelmom

    Chicks Hatching Today!

    I used a 1588 for my last hatch which was also my first! I had rock steady temps of 99.8 days 1-18. When I increased the humidity to about 65% I was never able to get the temps up any higher than about 97.9-98.0 . At that point I wasn't going to mess with it. I ended up hatching 7 of 9 (one...
  20. barrelmom

    Does anyone use a turner.....

    I think this is a good idea. Where do you store the turner full of eggs before you put them in the incubator? I can't imagine a good safe place (safe from dogs, kids and clumsy adults) so I could use some ideas!
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