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  1. MaineMooseChick

    How do I keep my big hens out of the baby chick's feeder?

    Thanks everyone for the ideas and suggestions. I do have oyster shell for the hens, so I will not worry about them eating the chick food, then.
  2. MaineMooseChick

    How do I keep my big hens out of the baby chick's feeder?

    For some reason, my big hens want to eat the chick food instead of their layer pellets. I had a mother hen hatch out 9 chicks and they're 5 weeks old now. They are all integrated with the flock and Mama hen has now pretty much said good bye to them, since she's back on the roost with the other...
  3. MaineMooseChick

    What's the deal with chickens and meat, anyways?

    Ha, funny you should mention that. I went out to my coop the other day and found blood all over the place. A couple of my chickens had blood on their feathers and beaks. All of them were wound up and acting all crazy. It took me a while to figure it out, but I know they killed a mouse in...
  4. MaineMooseChick

    REALLY cold weather

    I live in northwestern Maine and we've already seen -30 air temps and -60 windchills. I also was told by several people in the area that have chickens that it was not necessary to insulate their coop. One lady told me that her chickens get frostbite on their combs, but otherwise are usually...
  5. MaineMooseChick

    Will my Buff Orpington's eggs get bigger with time?

    I have 9 Red Stars and 6 Buff Orpingtons. They are now 25 weeks old. My Red Stars started laying in October at 15 weeks and the Buffs started a few weeks later. I can tell the difference between the Red Star's eggs and the Buffs: the Red Star's are large to extra large (with some jumbo...
  6. MaineMooseChick

    Husband said it was poop

    Are your chickens just beginning to lay? I have 15 chickens and some just started laying a month ago and I find these all the the time in their poop box or on the ground, as each chicken matures and starts laying. These shelless eggs seem to be the first eggs to pass from the chicken. Once...
  7. MaineMooseChick

    First Egg Countdown

    First egg..was a double yolker!! Was thin shelled and cracked, but very tasty. I found it in one of the nesting boxes. It's the one on the left. The other was a large egg from the store for comparison.
  8. MaineMooseChick

    First Egg Countdown

    Found my first egg yesterday, was laid overnight in the poop box and it was broken and shelless with no yolk. Looked like just a membrane with some egg white. I know it was one of my red stars that laid it and they are only 15 weeks old. A lot of my red stars are getting ready to...
  9. MaineMooseChick

    Can I keep new chicks outside?

    I got chicks delivered two weeks ago from McMurray. All were alive and very healthy. I decided to brood them right out in my coop (I'm also a new chicky momma). They've done exceptionally well out there, and I live in Maine where nighttime temps drop down into the 40's sometimes even in July...
  10. MaineMooseChick

    Mail order chicks

    I ordered mine from Murray McMurray. 15 chicks: 9 Red Stars and 6 Buff Orpingtons. All arrived healthy, happy, and thankfully, very much alive. They started right away after dipping their beaks, to drinking, eating, and playing "keep away" with the pieces of shavings they dug up from the side...
  11. MaineMooseChick

    Brooder Light bulbs

    That's what I've been using, a 100 watt red reptile bulb. I originally bought the 250watt red bulbs and was shocked to find that on the box it doesn't say that it's infrared, but the bulb itself does say infrared. I didn't want my chicks to fry under the infrared. So far, the reptile bulb is...
  12. MaineMooseChick

    Do chicks ever sleep?

    I got my chicks on Monday, and from the very first time I put them into the brooder, that's what they were like. They were very active, peeping, and as soon as they had gotten some food and water into them, they took to playing with each other. One would dig up a piece of pine shaving from...
  13. MaineMooseChick

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I'm new at chicks, I've only had mine for 3 days. Shipped chicks from McMurray Hatchery. All were happy, healthy, and lively, except two Buff Orpingtons with pasty butt. I read on this forum to add ACV with the mother to their water. Last night, I did so, and miraculously, this morning, the...
  14. MaineMooseChick

    Creative Coop Names

    My coop is almost finished with my chicks due to arrive next week. I read through this entire thread, and didn't find what I am planning to name mine on here, so I'll share: "Henhaven Manor". I came up with several other names as well, but I like that one the best. Thanks to everyone for...
  15. MaineMooseChick

    Taking time off work?

    My chicks will be coming in the mail the week of July 1st. I'm wondering how many days I should "babysit" my chicks before I go back to work? I will be there to watch them the first day I get them, but should I be home for another day or two? I work a 9 hour day with commute time included...
  16. MaineMooseChick

    Just ordered my chicks...question about vaccinations

    Hi All, New to the forum and soon to be new chicky momma. We had some laying chickens when I was a kid, but that was 25 years ago, so I'm a bit rusty, but been researching everything. Anyway, I just ordered 9 Red Stars and 6 Buff Orpingtons from Murray McMurray, and they offered the...
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