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  1. Donna R Raybon

    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    When I was growing up there were no hawks, racoons, coyotes, eagles, bobcats, mink, weasels around here. They had been systematically hunted to extinction. If you had told me we would have turkey, deer, and bear here? I would have said you were crazy. But, once conservation caught on thirty...
  2. Donna R Raybon

    Bloody Chicken Poop, Diahhrea, Poop Chart

    The medicated starter crumbles work well after you have treated. Since I have all sexes and ages free ranging, all get this feed. On the side I have free choice oyster shell, chick sized and regular sized granite grit. Coccidia is a booger to deal with since entire life cycle is within bird...
  3. Donna R Raybon

    Moveable Run and Egg Laying

    I would put at least a couple boxes in the portable run. A couple of milk crates will work.
  4. Donna R Raybon

    Coccidiosis - what to do with the run/coop

    Hope all are OK. When I have suspected coccidia I always treat those showing symptoms with a couple drops of liquid Corid in a couple cc's applesauce. This thicker mixture will trigger swallow reflex better than mixing with just water. Often the bird showing symptoms might not drink enough...
  5. Donna R Raybon

    Chicken has diarrhea, lethargic, not eating or drinking.

    Are your birds on medicated feed for coccidi? Even if they are, I would still treat with Corid. I use the liquid and give two drops in a couple CC of applesauce. The Corid is bitter tasting and applesauce stimulates swallow reflex better th an just liquid alone. I have had this happen...
  6. Donna R Raybon

    My muscovy is eating her own eggs and losing feathers

    Duck eggs should be really hard to break. Much, much harder than a chicken egg! Sounds like you need to look at calcium levels in your feed. I always have chick sized and regular sized granite grit available for birds. Also the oyster shell as calcium source. I feed about eighteen per cent...
  7. Donna R Raybon

    HELP!! Bloated baby goat

    I raised bottle babies many years. The best method I found for not having problems is to use cold, all they can eat milk replaced. First twenty four hours they get all the warm colstrum I can get them to take. After that they get replaced in lambar that is cold. This time of year I would...
  8. Donna R Raybon

    Goat Thread!

    Dairy Connection is a great site for buying cultures for cheese making. You can get citric acid for making mozz cheaper at any wine/beer making supply. Feta is an easy straight forward cheese to make. If you keep it in large hunks it can be salt brined and stored for long time. Do you know...
  9. Donna R Raybon

    I Need Help! Scouring Goat Kid????

    Goats do not have resistance to parasites and they have digestive tract with extensive surface area. An example is a 700# calf ans 150# can carry same parasite load. Parasites are found from ground level to about 18 inches high on foliage. So if you goats eat no grass and only browse high on...
  10. Donna R Raybon

    LGD issues

    Keep a lead on him and yank sharp with 'NO!' Bite his ear tip until he squalls. This is what momma dog does to discipline pup. When he squalls, release ear and 'NO!' Keep a bucket of plastic pop bottles handy. Each bottle should be weighted with three or four gravel, lid on tightly. Dog...
  11. Donna R Raybon

    Found baby kitten

    His eyes are open, so you can feed him canned cat food. Use ggod name brand, something labeled for kittens and don't do any fish/shrimp as it is too hard on a kitten's system. Go easy at first, just a couple pea sized dabs every four to six hours. Keep up the wiping under tail, genitals with...
  12. Donna R Raybon

    Using Milk Crates for nest boxes

    Use them just as they are on the floor or up on a shelf. If you use them off the floor, just ensure they can't get knocked off.
  13. Donna R Raybon

    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    Several options: chicken tunnels built of chicken wire to direct birds where you want them to go. Google and should pop up with how to etc... Treats at end of tunnel encourage them to go where you want them to go. Of course anything new will take some time. Use treats along the way to...
  14. Donna R Raybon

    My dog wants to eat/kill my chickens

    Springer Spaniel is genetically bred to go after birds. You can't trust them around birds. I had one for years and did NOT have any poultry until after she passed of old age. Even if you did not have the dog problems, your using only light type chicken wire puts your birds at risk of other...
  15. Donna R Raybon

    To Free Range or Not

    Best compromise to free range versus a run would be to use electric netting and/or mobile 'tractor' for protection. The mobile pen can be used when you can be there to keep an eye on things and moved several times a day. The birds will be quite happy tearing up new ground safe from attack...
  16. Donna R Raybon

    To Free Range or Not

    Mine free range once they are adult. We have no close neighbors, half our two acres is fenced. There are open hay fields surrounding us. Lots of bushes and trees for birds to hide and a grown up fence row. Also throughout yard there are several vehicles, trailers,they can hide under. And...
  17. Donna R Raybon

    Weird Acting Chicken With Weird Looking Poop!!!!!!!!!

    Any place that sells cattle feed should carry Couid and Sulmet. I like the liquid best as you use such small amounts to treat chickens. Any time you buy meds be sure to check expire by date.
  18. Donna R Raybon

    Multiple Chicken Deaths

    I am glad to hear you caught some racoons. Sad to say where you catch one, there are dozens more. I keep an eye out for signs. Mud is my friend as i check for tracks. Our LGD does an awesome job protecting our birds and goats. But sometimes trapping is necessary.
  19. Donna R Raybon

    What went wrong???

    What breeds do you have? What and how much were you feeding. Since you only had for birds, how were you purchasing feed and storing? Takes a long time to go through 50 pounds. It is hot/humid in FL what were you using to treat for coccidia and other parasites. Check with your state vet...
  20. Donna R Raybon

    Chicken Breed Focus - Polish

    I have always been told to have several 'different' chickens so they can hang out together if you have 'normal' birds, too. Chickens are polite and will pick a piece of grass off a friend's head. Only with the feather headed or feather footed 'different' bird it is a feather they are...
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