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    32 square feet

    Sorry, this may just be a rant. After much discussion & fanfare, we are now allowed up to 4 chickens per household (no roosters). The chicken coop and attached chicken run can’t exceed 32 square feet. So, I see a new neighbor building a big a** garage that is taller than the house, & my...
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    Naked lady saves her chicken

    Lady runs outside nude to save chicken from fox attack.
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    First egg is fake!

    My two silver-laced Wyandottes, my first chickens, are 21-26 weeks old & I'm anxiously waiting for that first egg. I was excited to see 2 eggs in one nest box until I discovered they were both the fake eggs I had placed. I had put one fake egg in each of the 2 nest boxes. The 2 fake eggs were...
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    Can't look out my window

    I received my two 4-9 week old slws about 4 months ago, my first chickens ever (& I'm only 56 years young). My little coop is very close to my house. No one told me I would have to peek out my own windows so the chickens don't see me. They make these head & neck movements so I know that they see...
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    No fear?

    I have been a chicken mom for a whopping 3-1/2 months now. My two slws are 19-24 weeks old. One thing that has surprised me is Mildred & Louise have little fear. They very rarely appear startled by anything & are more curious than fearful of new objects. Knowing everyone likes chicken dinner, I...
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    Who will get the first egg?

    My first & only chickens, Mildred & Louise (slw) are about 18 weeks old. I realize I may not get my first egg until spring, but would anyone here like to buy it? The price will only be about $1400, which is roughly what I've spent so far in my chicken endeavor. What I wasn't prepared for, in...
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    As a new chicken momma & reading all of the predator horror stories, I am very vigilant in keeping Mildred & Louise safe. So, when I saw scat I didn't recognize just a few feet from their run, I went into detective mode, taking photos of & breaking up the scat with a stick looking for clues...
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    Has anyone built Ana White A Frame? Has anyone built the Ana White A frame chicken coop tractor? I'm curious to know the weight of the final product.
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    Little vultures now gorgeous!

    After wanting chickens for many years, our town now allows up to 4 hens. So, in early September my two approximately 6 week old slw arrived. I was so excited. Then, I saw my little birds. They looked like some sort of prehistoric little vultures. My chicken expert coworker assured me my little...
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    When should I open nest boxes?

    My 2 slw (my first chicks) are about 13 weeks old. To discourage sleeping in the nest boxes, I blocked them on day 1 (thanks byc) & they are still blocked. When should I open the nest boxes?
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    Chickens won him over

    Hubby of 35 years thought I had lost my mind when I announced I wanted a couple of chickens (our city now allows up to 4 hens). He rattled off all the potential problems, including our own 3 dogs, & announced he wanted no part of it. Fast forward 6 weeks. I had to take my elderly mother to a dr...
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    It's the little things....

    My two approximately 12 week old slw are enjoying foraging in the sunshine this morning after a low of around 38 degrees last night. Our lawn is not in good shape after the very dry summer, with bare spots & weeds. I loosened the top 3" or so of some of the hard, dry soil & the girls are loving...
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    How to keep litter in coop

    This is an old picture, my girls are now 11 wks old. I'm having problems with the girls scattering pine shavings when entering & exiting coop through pop door. The shavings collect in the door track. When the automatic door closes the door, which closes vertically, the door pushes the litter...
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    10 week old chicks too cold?

    I have two 10 week old pet slw, my first & only chickens. It was 44 degrees this AM in southern Indiana. The girls came out of coop but then roosted on a log in run side by side with their feathers fluffed. The sun was shining but not yet on their run. How do I know if they are too cold? I'm...
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    Waterer that hangs outside run

    Any recommendations for a waterer that can hang outside the run? I live in southern Indiana & also need to keep water from freezing. I failed to mention, I have only 2 pet chickens.
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    Lousy flock?

    I'm new to chickens & have two 9 week old slw. I saw a segment on tv that intimated it's cruel to have a flock of only two members. Due to coop size restrictions (city ordinance), I feel I can provide safe foraging & high quality of life for only two (these are pets by the way). My girls seem...
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    New member & new to chickens

    I'm only 55 years old & have my first chickens! It's amazing how much they have grown in 3 weeks.
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    New to BYC

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I got my first chickens ever 3 weeks ago today (they are about 9 weeks old now and growing like little weeds). (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Two (3) What breeds do you have? Silver-laced Wyandotte (4) What are...
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