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  1. chickkrzi

    Brown spots on my watermelons rinds

    Anyone have a idea whats causing brown spots on my watermelons rinds?
  2. chickkrzi

    going to get cold what to do?

    I have hatched out about 26 chicks 10 days ago. I have them in a broader that's 4 ft by 6 ft encloser with heat lamp. I also have 5 chicks my brown legghorn hatched out 3 weeks ago that are still with her now. Now the problem is now that's going to get cold over the next few days (high in mid...
  3. chickkrzi

    what type of tree is this?

    Hopefully someone can help me with finding what type of tree that's in the pic below. I thought it was a live oak tree, but my uncle told me it was something different. He couldn't remember the the name of it ,but said he's thinking it started with "A". All I can tell you it my goats won't touch...
  4. chickkrzi

    how do you mark your chicks?

    OK I hatch some chick's last weekend, have two off this one hen I would like to keep track of over the next few weeks. What I've done in the past was use fingernail polish on feet. But that seen to wear off quickly. This time I'm using nail polish and marking them on the back of head. That...
  5. chickkrzi

    introducing new young billy to older nannys

    I'm thinking of introducing a younger (3-4 months old) pygmy billy to my older (2 yr old) nannys. So here's my questions. 1) I do feel really good about the breeder, but should I keep him isolated from my nannys for any given time like you would when you bring in new chickens? 2) do I need to...
  6. chickkrzi

    Does hen or rooster (or both) determine egg size and production.

    I have a 3 yr oLd RIR hen that lays egg anywhere from 75g to almost 90g eggs she has just finished her molt and Laying in upper 80 grams. I got her from ideal poultry along with 5 other hens and 2 roosters. The others do lay smaller eggs averaging mid 70 grams. She does have one other sister...
  7. chickkrzi

    I know someone has done this before, what was the outcome?

    OK I have some RIR AND RSL ( From id eal) hens as was roosters for each ( RSL roo was sent accidentally). I'm sure you know where this is going, but has anyone put a RSL over a RIR hen? I completely understand that I wouldn't get see links but seeing my RSL are RIR x RIW would my hens look...
  8. chickkrzi

    problem with yellowing leafs.

    OK Had the problem for several years now. And it would show up just as soon as my plants start to fruit. The problem only effects my tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber. Don't have any problems with carrots broccoli cantaloupes green beans (bush) or anything else of that sort. my soil is real sandy...
  9. chickkrzi

    have what looks like blood blister on foot

    Was checking on the little ones today and saw my 9 week old drake limping. Found what looks like a blood blister on webbing . Didn't see any open wounds so I don't think it's a infection. It does seem to bother him as he mostly just sits around. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  10. chickkrzi

    How do you compost your chicken manure?

    I have about 20 chickens ( 12 hens in main coop an 2 roosters in 2nd coop then 6 chicks in my breeding pin). And I haven't been doing anything crazy with composting my manure over the last few years. I just lay a thin layer of hay under the roost, add more hay as needed though out the next few...
  11. chickkrzi

    Broody WH what to do?

    I just got some Welsh Harlequins a few months ago ( 1 Drake 3 ducks). Have been getting quite a few eggs from the girls. Wasn't really sure if the eggs where fertile so i put 4 in with my Rhode Island Red eggs in my incubator. Seeing I'm new to having WH ducks or for that matter ducks in...
  12. chickkrzi

    Predator problem Warning graphic pictures of crime scene

    Ok, got another problem. Found another dead leghorn this morning. This would be the 2nd one in 2 weeks. I check the coop late last night all looked good. Went out today and saw a few white feather by coop door. Done a head count and was missing one leghorn. Didn’t see any feathers inside of...
  13. chickkrzi

    help with new hens

    hi all, I have inherited 4 new hen They were given to me by a guy that was moving. after having some BYC member help me identify them as black sex links. One of them stated that they had small pale cones and might now start laying until spring. It was my mistake not to ask the guy about egg...
  14. chickkrzi

    not sure what i have?

    Hi all, love the site. I have inherited 4 new hen, one Ameraucana I think (1st pic), one Plymouth Rock, and two Australorp(2nd,3rd pic) which is the ones I’m really not sure about. As you can see they have the black/green feathering and dark legs. The only problem I’m have trying to identifying...
  15. chickkrzi

    hi all!

    Hi all, love the site. Has helped me more than just a few time. About me? Live in central texas all my life. Lived with my grandmother most of my childhood. She had about 20 or so leghorn chickens and about 6 geese. Part of my chores was to feed and water her chickens and geese. Gather all eggs...
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