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  1. ellenscoop

    Sick chicken – need advice!

    You really need to get her to see a vet as soon as you can. She is very sick. Here is a directory of vets who see chickens -
  2. ellenscoop

    Best ways to treat scaly leg mites?

    There are a few different ways. Here are your options -; I just use vasoline.
  3. ellenscoop

    Wheezing hen is losing weight

    Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool to get an idea of the possibilities?
  4. ellenscoop

    Blood in the coop

    No, it looks like one of your birds was probably bleeding at some point. You may be hard to see where the wound is because it's dried up. I'd check their feet, as it looks like it may have been a foot wound.
  5. ellenscoop

    Aggressive rooster

    Yes, here is an infographic with good tips -
  6. ellenscoop

    Chicken mites

    I am not sure that headshaking is a sign of mites. Here is an infographic which might be a bit better to help you identify whether you actually have mites or not, and what species they might be, as that is the most important step to getting rid of them -...
  7. ellenscoop


    Weight loss is not good. Has she been eating? I recommend you bring her to see a vet who sees chickens -
  8. ellenscoop

    Hen Won’t open eyes

    That is not a good sign. If it were me, I would bring her to see a vet who sees chickens ASAP -
  9. ellenscoop

    Poinsettia - how poisonous?

    I think she will be ok, thankfully poinsettias aren't too poisonous.
  10. ellenscoop

    How Talented Are Raccoons?

    Raccoons are pretty good at getting latches open. But I believe it is something like as long as they are 3 steps to them that they can't get in. Here is an infographic though which better helps answer that question for you -...
  11. ellenscoop

    Does this look like mites?

    Hemm, maybe this infographic about how to spot creepy crawlers on your chickens might help. I do not think it looks like mites though -
  12. ellenscoop

    Round Worms

    Well here are your options...
  13. ellenscoop

    Raccoon problem...Help with roof for dog run

    You're gonna need to put wire across the top of it. Here is a good infographic which has details -
  14. ellenscoop

    Chicken attacked a week ago and might actually live??

    Oh wow, that is pretty bad. If it were me I would take her to see a vet. But here is a case story about what sort of things are done for chickens who experienced predator attacks by dogs -
  15. ellenscoop

    Chick walking on its hocks??

    Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool?
  16. ellenscoop

    Coop vs Run

    Here is a chart with min space requirements which might be useful -
  17. ellenscoop


    I would recommend predator proofing your run/coop. Cuz the predators just keep coming, and chickens have lots of predators. Here is an infographic about predator proofing -
  18. ellenscoop

    Feather Loss - Molt? Mites?

    This infographic might help -
  19. ellenscoop

    Scissor beak

    Here is some info and case stories about scissors beak, which should help answer some of your questions -
  20. ellenscoop

    In the emergency of a natural disaster where do you move your chickens?

    Well, I think the same logic would apply to other natural disasters as well -
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