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  1. RosieR

    How young is too young to go into gen-pop?

    Hey friends, Of my last hatch only 2 chicks servived. They are about 4 weeks old, they have a lot of their feathers, mostly just fluff on their faces now. I am about to go away for a few days and it would be a lot easier on the person coming in to look after my animals if these little guys...
  2. RosieR

    Stuck chicks

    Long time since posting! Missed you guys! My first set of quail chicks this year have begun hatching today. So far 2 have hatched on their own, and 2 assisted, and one I was too slow to assist. They get a pip hole and then get stuck. I’m not sure why the membranes always get dried out and...
  3. RosieR

    Button quail housing idea

    Hey! I’ve been keeping cots but I was thinking about getting a pair of buttons. Has anyone built an armour style aviary? Would this be ideal for buttons? I just want a pretty display cage for them, plus it could be way more ventilated than an aquarium. This project will probably be a while off...
  4. RosieR

    Chick waterer

    Hey everyone, trying to set up a bigger brooder for this next hatch. I was just thinking how much of a pain the water is to keep clean. I have no issue using little lids or whatever for the first days but I’d love something that will stay clean at the least for a day. I offered a bottle with a...
  5. RosieR

    DIY cooler bator temperature question

    Hi friends, Trying to make sure I do this right. I’ve got a thermostat that I can keep steady from 99-100 degrees. But I’m trying to make sure it’s calibrated properly. It’s probe sits just under the egg turner. I have a calibrated thermometer resting just on top of the egg turner, with its...
  6. RosieR

    Incubating and discouraged

    Hi friends, I’m on my second incubation attempt ever. First time using my improved diy incubator after learning a lot from my not great first incubation attempt. I’ve got 48 coturnix eggs that I picked up from a neighbor that says they typically get a 75% hatch rate. It’s day 10 and I candled...
  7. RosieR

    Calcium for layers

    Hey friends, Curious about calcium supplements now that I’m getting eggs. My birds are in an aviary on deep litter. I’ve been mixing in bits of egg shell for them to pick through. I also tried to offer them oyster shell in a bowl, but someone decided dust bathing in it would be more fun than...
  8. RosieR

    Red breasted female?

    So I had to process my extra males yesterday when they started wounding each other. I saved my best male and all the females. All my cots are pharaoh coloured so I selected purely on feather colours. One of the 6 birds I processed had female parts inside but they all had red breasts (sorry I...
  9. RosieR

    No eggs yet

    Hi everyone, My cots have yet to lay anything. I have 10 all together in 30sq/ft aviary. They are about 9 weeks old but only 3 are females. I plan to process 6 males next week (I was trying to wait till they were a decent size). The aggression is minimal but maybe it’s the excess boys that are...
  10. RosieR

    Cheap egg turner from China

    Hey everyone, I’m building a new incubator, and I purchased a really cheap egg turner. It showed up in pretty bad shape from the mail but I got it mostly patched up. My question is about the motor. It runs constantly. Is this going to be a problem for incubation? I’m incubating coturnix quail...
  11. RosieR

    Help! Curled feet

    hey friends, it’s my first hatch and one of the chicks has both feet curled. It’s been in the brooder about 24h now, seems to be getting along ok, just won’t straiten his feet out. He didn’t look very lively the first day so I left him be, but he survived the night ok and is eating and drinking...
  12. RosieR

    First one hatched!

    Im so excited, my first little Coturnix has hatched! And a second one pipped :wee I was worried my diy incubator was too... diy. I actually spent the day pricing out real incubators and came home to this cutie :D
  13. RosieR

    New to breeding colour mutations

    Hey everyone! I’m new to quail and birds in general, but I’m excited to get started. I have 10 2.5week old pharaoh chicks that I bought last weekend and 3doz eggs in the incubator. My birds breast feathers are just coming in and I think they are all hens. Not sure what is in the eggs, but it’s...
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