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  1. satay

    Egg Swap (Australians only)

  2. satay

    How to pack quail Eggs for shipping?

    I live in Australia and am just starting to get orders for shipped quail eggs. I did a test post to a lovely friend on Byc. While most survived the journey ok I think I could find some better advice on shipping from those that do it often. I have yet to find anyone in oz that sells cardboard...
  3. satay

    Incubator turned off. Advice needed.

    I have chicken eggs in the incubator that was put on Monday night. (its Wednesday am here now) last night sweet hubby decided to shut down computer and turned off the incubator at the same time. So my poor eggs have been off for approx 9 hours or so. Should I throw them and start again or is...
  4. satay

    Can't access recent posts.

    I am not sure why but for the last few days I can't access recent posts. I get this message when i try.File: /home/backyard/public_html/forum/search.php Line: 493 PunBB reported: Unable to insert search results Database reported: Duplicate entry '1496473290' for key 1 (Errno: 1062)...
  5. satay

    Khaki Campbell egg help

    I have a Khaki Campbell female 1 year old as well as lots of muscoveys. As far as i can tell the Khaki Campbell is not laying unless i am getting her egg mixed up with the muscoveys. Can anyone tell me the difference between the eggs between the two. I know it is definately a female.
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